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(no subject)
i was laying in bed and i remembered something interesting. actually, now that i think about it, it wasn't really that interesting, and it probably wasn't worth getting out of bed for, but now that i'm up, i may as well write it.

some lady paid with a check today. i know that i stink at guessing ages, but i'd guess this lady to be around 40. terrie was right next to me, on hold with jane. the lady's check didn't have her phone number on it, so i asked her for it. as she told me, terrie joked quietly, 'don't you think she's a little old for you?' then she fake laughs, one of those i-know-it-wasn't-funny-but-i'm-going-to-laugh-anyway kinds of laughs and i half laugh and run the check through and that's it... but the point is that terrie joked about me asking for a girl's number... i wonder how much of it she thought was a joke... i wonder if she knows that i know that she thinks she knows about me... i wonder if she knows that i know about her... hmmmm... right, so back to bed for loser...