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(no subject)
i don't have much to say. marie was at work. when she first got there, she came over to me and whispered, 'hi loser!' so i whispered 'hi' back, and then asked why we were whispering. she didn't know. they ended up sending her home early becuase we had extra people, so she was only there for less than 2 hours total. that's all i saw her.

amit was making fun of me about everytime i moved. taysha was there for like an hour after she got off, following amit around. after about 20 minutes, i asked what she was doing. she said, 'talking to amit.' i asked, 'oh, that's why you're here?' she got all defensive and said, 'no! hell no!' and it was pretty funny.

chris came in. chris had been gone all quarter, and he just got back. i was happy to see him. he talked to me and then molly, and then he gave me a ride home, even though the bus still came. then he came up and showed me how to pick up a prostitute in grand theft auto 3.

tomorrow is my day off. i think i'm going christmas shopping. i hate shopping...