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(no subject)
i worked. i forgot my name tag, and told billie. she called terrie, and terrie made me wear one that said 'fred.' she called me freddie all day long.

marie was there, being that funny way with me. i think i've decided that you would probably call that flirting. even if you don't, i'm going to call it that anyway, becuase 'flirting' is a much better phrase than 'being that funny way.' i don't really feel honored, because i know damn well that she flirts with anything that moves, but i still have to argue with myself when it happens. she holds my hands back so i can't get to the pen, and i think i want her.
then i get mad at myself because i don't want her. i don't like her. not like that, and not really even at all.
but she's bi...
so what?
so she likes girls. if she knew you liked girls...
then i still wouldn't like her.
but i bet she'd feel good anyway...
shut up.
she has tits...
i hate that argument. the part i hate the worst is that i know if i ever got the chance, italicized me would win.

rashid and i had another discussion about whether terrie really is a lesbian. i know she is. he knows she is. but he doesn't know that i know, and we both enjoy discussing terrie becuase we both think she's hot. so i try to find proof that she's straight, and he tries to find proof that she's a lesbian. it's a fun game. i think we make terrie nervous, though. every time we get together, we talk and laugh and stare at her... we didn't get a chance to talk forever, and when i finally got a minute without customers, i went straight over to his line, to discuss any proof we'd picked up since we last saw each other. within 30 seconds, terrie was over at the end of his lane, just reading the break list, but keeping us from talking. after she left, though, i gave him 55%. we used to have a 50-50 split, but i told him since she does walk like one, and she did say that magazine girl was hot, and she did get upset when we said she was dating jp, he can have 55%. he got all triumphant, and taysha (who didn't know what was going on) looked at him like he was crazy.

prudy is back. i don't even know if i ever mentioned her, but she used to work, when i first started, but then she quit. now she's back, and she's as crazy as ever. she kept proposing to rashid today. it kept me and taysha entertained, if nothing else.

i think that's all i have to say.