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it snowed!!!!
i went to work today. i got there early (sunday busses) and marie was thrilled to see me, or at least she put on a good show.

terrie called off. this wasn't surprising; i had analyzed the schedule enough to know that she was expendable today, and she doesn't usually come in when she doesn't have to.

i went back and talked to jim while he stocked. i was happy just to be talking to him... he was talking about skiing. i said i had never been skiing, and he said we should go-me, him, molly, and aaron. i said that would be fun. it crossed my mind that this sort of resembled a double date, but i figured that was silly. after all, jim knows i like girls, and he knows i don't like him, right? so we discussed possible dates we could go, and finally settled on one that we knew was ok for molly, me, and jim. i said aaron could probably go. that was a stretch, becuase aaron is just not the athletic type... his idea of a good time is smoking a little weed, laying around, snacking, and playing video games, not going outside to run around in the snow. i'm not sure that he would go skiing even if he had nothing else to do, but i figured between molly and me, we had a chance of talking him into it. then some lady spilled her milk and it was almost time for me to clock in, so i went up front to tell somebody about the milk.

i told tasha about the milk and marie heard and asked why i didn't clean it up. i tried to say 'becuase i'm not on the clock.' what i actually said was more like 'becuase i didn't do my slide the numbers yet.' marie laughed and told me i was so cute and i felt a little stupid, but it also reminded me of christine's typical reaction to me, so i felt a little happy too.

i clocked in and rashid greeted me and asked how my theory was coming. i told him that it's hard to do research when your subject calls off work. he laughed and asked if i knew that jp had called off work today too. i hadn't realized that, but i thought it was pretty amusing.

after about an hour, anthony came up to me and said something about my date with jim. i was confused, and asked 'what??' he said jim said that i was going on a date with him. anthony likes to tease me about jim. i would figure that anthony is just trying to get a reaction out of me, except how does he know that i'm going anywhere with jim? i protest that it's not a date becuase molly's going to be there too, and maybe her boyfriend. anthony tells me that one way, it's a double date, and the other way, jim's a pimp becuase he likes molly almost as much as he likes me. i roll my eyes and hope he's joking about all this... if i were looking at this from anybody else's perspective, it would look like a date. but to jim, it should look how it looks to me, shouldn't it? i like girls. he knows that. jim is a boy. he knows that too... he doesn't think that he can somehow turn me straight, does he? or that i'm a lesbian, but i'll make an exception for him? or is he thinking that me and molly and him... ewww stop. let's hope i'm just being paranoid again...

taysha joked with me today and i was glad. i think maybe my taysha situation will improve when liz gets back tomorrow.

i like snow. i wanted to do something fun, like go sled riding or make a snowman, but since i didn't wake up in time, i settled for helping justin get carts in the snow. it was slushy and slippery, and i had a great time sliding around on my way to the cart returns. pushing the carts, though, was anything but fun. i would push, my feet would slide around like crazy, and the carts would stay stuck in the snow. still, there was snow! there is snow! maybe tomorrow i can go play in the snow...

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Some guys have the notion that all u need is a good stiffy some guys have the notion that they are teh great and wonderful exception and some guys and just being you're straight friend. For the most parrt I think you just kind of have to go on the faith that you told him what's up and that if his mind is on anything more than friendship then he will get over it.

And don't think too much into teasing. It's ust jokes...


Some guys have the notion that all u need is a good stiffy some guys have the notion that they are teh great and wonderful exception

that's basically what i'm afraid of... i think that i should give him more credit than that, and that he understands, but sometimes i worry that he's thinking that i'm going to wind up dating him. i don't want to lead him on, but i don't want to bring it up if the problem is all in my head. so yeah, i guess i just wait...

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