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my grocery store
that's what came first. i told lauren to wake me up for grocery shopping, so at about 3, she dragged me out of bed and we went to the store. this time, the whole point of the trip was really just to buy food... i didn't need to talk to anyone, i wasn't getting a christine-fix... just getting some groceries.

while i was there, though, rashid and i talked about terrie a bit. he offered the hot-girl-in-the-magazine thing again, only it was a different magazine and a different girl. i give him 80% and hope i can come up with something soon becuase if this game ends, work won't be half as fun.

terrie was there and she is hot and she didn't speak to me and that's pretty much ok.

jeff informed me that art isn't a permanent person. they're just training him and he's going to work when billie goes on maternity leave. that made me feel a little better about that situation.