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class. that was next. i think i'm in trouble. i'm only taking one class, and the whole class is a huge group project. the plan was to have a group of me, molly, jack, and jack's friend. but jack's friend wound up not taking the class and molly couldn't get in, so she's on a waiting list, but might not get in at all. we found a temporary group, but we might wind up getting split up, and the groups they have to split us up into don't speak english. or they do, but barely, and they would rather speak to each other in their native tongue.

i don't have a problem with foreign people being here (molly is constantly saying that they should all 'go back where they came from,' and i think that's pretty rude), and i don't mind them speaking their own language to each other (molly yells at people she doesn't even know: 'this is america. speak english!' and i duck and get embarrassed), but i don't want to be in a group that won't communicate with me in a language that i understand.

i'm going to class on wednesday, and if i get stuck in a group like that, i think i'm going to drop the class. that leaves me taking no classes this quarter, which will make my parents mad and will also disappoint christine. i don't care so much about the former, but don't want to do the latter. besides, she was right when she said not taking classes wouldn't be good for me anyway. so i'm going to have to find a class or two to take, which is going to really suck. i almost wish i wasn't in school, but not quite...