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public service announcement
it is now 6:30 a.m.

shaniqua don't live here no more.

i'm going to bed.

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Red Bull gives you wiiings!

Um...I am in Maryland and if you are in Ohio then that means we are in the same time zone so I don't know what's up with LJ's screwy time thing. I do know that if you are using that downloaded LJ client then the time comes off of whatever time your computer clock reads. So if that is wrong then it will screw LJ up. I learned this the hard way when my clock/calendar didn't change from Dec '01 to Jan '02 and I kept posting my journals in the wrong month.

Here is the link for my story, Train Ride. Forgive all grammar mistakes etc. (Warning this story may be considered erotica!) Let me know what you think...

Just figured this out. Looking at some stuff I just figured out that the time difference when you post a response to someone's journal comes because LJ is on pacific time. So it is 3 hours behind us...

Yeah I know, I'm a geek.



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