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(no subject)
i slept 14 hours, sort of. i kept waking up and tossing and turning and then going back to sleep. subtract all the time i spent almost sleeping, and i still got a good night's sleep. and christine was in one of my dreams. it was stupid though because i wouldn't get up off the floor. i kept crawling around like a snake and finally i sat on the floor and stared at a pop machine and she patted my head like a dog while she talked to marie, who was standing up. i wished i was standing up, but i was still glad to be in the same room as christine. i miss christine...

i went to class. class is boring.

i think lauren was sleepwalking tonight. it was like 2 in the morning and molly was in the kitchen. lauren had been asleep for over 2 hours. i was on the floor of my room, working a puzzle, and she stood in my doorway, said sleepily 'no, i don't want to download it now,' and then left. by the time i figured out that it had been lauren, not molly, she was already back in her room with the door shut. i have never met a sleepwalker before. i'll have to ask her about it tomorrow. do sleepwalkers remember sleepwalking?

f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s. i like his stuff, but does he have to spell his name so often?

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Alright so you wanted to know what a provincial exam was.... its just an exam of everything we have learned in a certain subject that year. Kind of like a normal exam but ALOT harder. Like I have to take one in Biology and its on EVERYTHING we learned form the beginning to now. I think it even includes some shit from grade 11. Not sure though but ya thats the best explaination I can give ya!

oh god that should be considered torture.


I think he spells his name so much to remind himself and everyone else that FABOLOUS not FABULOUS *smirk* I love his CD too my fav's are One Day and Youngin and Get Right (I think).

As for sleepwalkers some do however most don't. Something about brain waves or something. My sis used to talk in her sleep and whenever you called her on it she would look at you like "What I didn't say that."

I'm off to bed peace...


"Don't be scared it's just pussy." ~REDMAN "How High"

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