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(no subject)
i met with my group for class. jack is a genius, i think.

i went to class.

i went to the grocery store with molly when she had to work. amit said that jim had just been in there to see me, because he wanted to talk about skiing. he hadn't realized that i had today off. i wonder if he wants to set a definite time or to call the whole thing off... i don't know which i'd rather have him do...

i asked lauren if she was awake the other night downloading stuff. she said no. i said she told me she was. she said she didn't, so i dropped it. but later, she came back and commented that if she had said anything, she must have been sleepwalking. i don't know why i feel uncomfortable talking about sleepwalking, but i do. it's the same feeling i get when people talk about something private, like bra size. maybe it's because you can't help sleepwalking like you can't help bra size. or maybe i don't know.

i like allen iverson's hair.

my stomach is feeling a bit blah today. i think i ate too much or too little, and i can't decide which. if it was too much, then i'm making it worse. i hate it when that happens. i just want to go to bed, but i told molly we'd go over some stuff for the class when she gets off work at 1... maybe i can take a 1-hour nap...

p.s. i'm sorry, jay!