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(no subject)
i worked. it was boring. when i was sorting money, alyssa pretended to take some and joked 'i'll be christine.'
i tell her flatly, 'i like christine.'
she says 'i did too, but she almost got me in trouble because she took half the money from my till, and they thought it was me... i don't like that...'
i say 'yeah, but she wouldn't do it again. she knows it was stupid.'
alyssa just looks at me funny, like why am i trying to stick up for christine when she hasn't even really said anything bad about her? because i miss christine. because i want to tell the world that she's the most wonderful person in the universe. and i wish she hadn't taken the money, and was still working here with me...

i got off work and sat outside and watched the parking lot. i saw a car that looked sort of like hers, and i walked over to look at it. it had a different license plate and a pride sticker. maybe christine got new plates and added a sticker... i went into the store and looked everywhere, and i wandered into every corner of the parking lot, and looked at the benches, and she was nowhere. that made it worse. the more i convince myself that she's coming, the worse it hurts when she doesn't. i sat down in a dark corner where i could see everything and nobody would notice me and watched for her to come. every time i saw headlights, i hoped it was christine, and every time the full car came into view, it wasn't her. i need to stop this. i can't keep convincing myself that every night is the night she's coming. i wind up feeling miserable and lonely. this sucks.

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The thingy

Hey. Sorry, I know it's not much, but maybe this'll make you feel better.

Hope it cheers you up at least :)

To commemorate your use of the word 'giptonite', I present you with the following cup:
Giptonite Cup!

Apologies for the way it looks. Art never was my strong point :P

The Small Faced Boy

awwwww.... it's beautiful :-). i'm honored... thank you!

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