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(no subject)
i worked. terrie was there, all dressed up. she had tight black dress pants and a thin white blouse on, unbuttoned just far enough to cause me to drool... she bagged for liz. and one register on either side of liz, but mainly liz. she never came down to the other end, almost the whole time. then, after she left, liz and i were talking, and liz mentioned that terrie had said that she had driven past our (mine and liz's) hometown this weekend, and she had thought of us. the few times i saw terrie, she didn't mention this. and she did talk to me, a little. so i'm normally not a very perceptive person, and i do tend to jump to conclusions and overanalyze everything... but could terrie like liz? i remember when liz first got here, terrie commented to me that liz had a ring on her finger like she was married or engaged (terrie said which, i just forget), and asked me if 'my friend' was married/engaged. i said i didn't think so, but at the time i hadn't known. now i know she's not married and i know she has a boyfriend (who went to my high school too). they could be engaged; i don't know. the point was terrie. terrie was asking about liz then. terrie likes to talk to liz. terrie makes fun of dylan when he bags for only liz, but she's almost as bad. and terrie tells liz that she thought of her (and me) when she drove past her hometown. that makes me think of me, when i'm talking to christine in loser-land, telling her that i like talking to her and jim. the only reason i mention jim is because i don't want her to think i like her, and she knows that she and jim are in the same category in my mind. i wonder if terrie really likes liz like that, or if she just likes her regular... i wonder if liz notices that terrie likes her a little more than she likes most other cashiers... i wonder if liz knows terrie is a lesbian... i bet i could make some trouble by sharing this theory with rashid. that might be fun...

michelle sent me out to get carts right at the beginning of christine's potential arrival time. i vowed that i wouldn't get my hopes up, but it happened anyway. i saw a car that looked like hers. it came in one end of the parking lot, drove slowly for a little bit, and then sped up and drove out the other end of the parking lot. it looked like frustration to me. i don't know how you can think you know what a car is feeling, but that car looked to me like it drove away in frustration, and that made me think it was christine. maybe ann's car was here. i don't know what ann's car looks like, and i don't know if ann was in the store. but maybe it was christine, driving slowly to see if the coast was clear, seeing something to indicate that the coast wasn't clear, and then driving away in frustration. i was in the shadows again, so i know she didn't see me. what if it was her? in a way, that would be good, because at least it would mean she was still trying to come to the store. but it makes me crazy... what if it was her, and she was that close to me, and i still didn't get to see her? close doesn't count. she may as well be thousands of miles away, for all the difference it makes...

molly picked me up so we could go over to jack's for our meeting. his roommates let us in and looked surprised to see us. they said jack hadn't mentioned a meeting, and had probably forgotten, but that he was up in his room, doing homework, and we could go on up, so we did. the door was shut, the light was out, and the music was loud. molly knocked on the door.
jack called 'yeah?'
molly said 'it's us, for the meeting.' he answered something that we couldn't make out over the music, and didn't open the door. we stood in the hallway and waited, and he still didn't open the door. it was a little weird... we decided to wait on the rest of our group. a few minutes later, they came up, and we told them that we were just waiting on them before we interrupted jack. ying-nan knocked on the door and called 'hey jack?'
jack answered 'yeah?'
ying (who's not so good with english) asks, 'you can come in?'
jack doesn't answer. we wait, expecting the door to open. it doesn't. molly suggests, 'maybe he doesn't want us to come in...' after a few minutes, we head back downstairs. jack's roommates ask 'done so quickly? what, did jack have it all done?'
we look at each other, and i answer, 'uhh, something like that...'
so we've got some stuff due soon, and jack has half the code somewhere on his computer. group work is a pain in the ass.

speaking of ass, terrie has a nice one. i think i miss christine less on days when i get to see terrie's ass. this seems a little wrong to me, but as long as i'm not depressed, i guess i'm not complaining.

my nose wants to bleed, but it can't quite do it. it's been doing this for about 2 hours now. it won't gush blood, like nosebleeds normally do. it just kinda oozes it. it's a pain because every few minutes, i have to get a new tissue and wipe up the blood. i wish they made tampons for your nostrils.