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(no subject)
rashid was there, and as soon as i could get him alone, i told him i had a new theory. he wanted to know what it was, but as soon as terrie had seen me walk over to him, she had walked over to him too, so i told him i'd tell him later. he tried about 3 or 4 times to come over to me so i could tell him, but terrie has gotten paranoid, and she always followed within a few seconds. then rashid disappeared, and it wasn't his break time yet. when terrie walked by me, i asked where rashid went, and she asked 'why?' and didn't tell me. i wonder if i am making her think i like rashid. i don't want to make her think that... i just wanted to know where he had gone.

then prudy came in to get her check, and somehow terrie let her stay for the day, even though we didn't need any more people. when prudy went on register, terrie started bagging. but only for prudy. i was so full of my liz theory that i didn't even notice. rashid came back and came over to me to ask for my theory, and terrie was so absorbed in prudy that she didn't notice, so i finally got it out. i told him, 'yeah, i think you're right, and i think she likes liz.' he asked why, and i listed everything i had come up with, ending with the bagging thing. he says he'll have to research it next time he works with them. i had taken the liberty of figuring out when this was, and i told him it was tomorrow. he was excited... he couldn't wait... it was funny.

about an hour later, he comes over to me, and comments 'loser, you're a genius.'
i ask 'huh?'
he answers, 'i'd never paid attention to who she bagged for, but she's been bagging for only prudy since she got here. and she's all laughing and acting happy. i bet she thinks prudy's hot too.'
i think he might be right. i continue to observe terrie and prudy, and it's making me jealous. if i'm jealous, it means she likes prudy...

prudy goes on break. terrie, who has been bagging ever since prudy arrived, suddenly decided that she didn't need to bag any more, and disappeared. i pointed this out to rashid. he was impressed, and even more excited for tomorrow.

then comes the interesting part. amit is talking to me, and prudy is on her way back from break. (prudy used to claim to be married to rashid. earlier today, she declared that 'rashid isn't a real man,' and that she was divorcing him and marrying amit.) prudy sees amit (her new 'husband') talking to me and she comes over to talk to us too. prudy starts talking about how she loves that old man over there, and his sexy bald head just turns her on. (she's not serious. she's like 16. and she's crazy.) the way she's saying it is funny though, and amit and i are laughing. terrie suddenly appears on the other end of the store, and calls 'amitttteeeee,' which makes us all laugh more. she comes over and asks what was so funny.
prudy jokes, 'you had to be there,' and then adds, 'i want that man over there,' and points to the old man.
terrie answers 'awwwww, no, you're just a little girl...' and then she starts to walk away. as she goes, prudy tells amit and me, 'i'm going to set terrie up with my dad.'
terrie hears her name, comes back, and asks 'what about me?'
prudy says 'i said i was going to set you up with my dad.' terrie makes a face, and prudy corrects, 'i mean my mom.'
terrie says 'hmmmm... does she look like you? that would be okay!'
she's serious, but i start laughing. luckily, so does amit, so i don't feel so dumb.
prudy answers, 'well actually, no. her hair is probably darker, and there's other stuff too.'
terrie remarks, 'awww, too bad.'
then prudy says, 'but she's not married to my dad any more.'
terrie says 'oh, that's right, she digs dudes.'
prudy says she forgot about that minor detail, and terrie rolls her eyes and asks 'come on, how can she like hairy asses? oh well, her loss.'
all three of us laugh and prudy says something like agreement, because terrie asks, 'what are you talking about? you like them too!'
prudy laughs and touches terrie in some friendly way and says 'oh yeah.'
terrie leaves and i am overwhelemed. prudy knows that terrie thinks she's hot. she's straight and she practically flirts with terrie, just because she knows terrie likes it. prudy's crazy though. do most straight people react that way if they find out a lesbian thinks they're attractive? and besides that, it's the first time i've ever heard anybody talk freely about being attracted to people of the same sex. i mean, online i see it all the time, but i've never seen a real live lesbian say 'that girl is hot,' and known it wasn't a joke, and terrie practically said that. and she pretty much said that she's not attracted to guys. and that's amazing. i want to chase her down and tell her that alicia keys is hot. i don't, and instead prudy turns to me and says 'but see, i don't like hairy asses. i make all my boyfriends shave their asses. don't you?'
i was overwhelmed to begin with. i don't know how to deal with this question. i turn bright red and answer, 'i dunno.'
she asks 'what do you mean, you don't know? i mean, i can't stand hairy asses. it's like a requirement that they shave. you don't have such strict requirements?'
i try my hardest to disappear into the counter and repeat, 'i dunno.'
amit is laughing at me. prudy, being the psycho that she is, moves on to a new crazy topic, and she and amit walk away and that's a large relief.

warning: i'm going to sound really stupid now. guys have hairy butts? like, she doesn't mean they have hair all over their butts, do they? because i don't spend a lot of time looking for guys' butts, but i think i've probably seen a few by accident, and they weren't coated in hair... does she mean the cracks? how can you shave your buttcrack? what's up with that? do lesbians just say guys have hairy butts? or is 'hairy ass' a lesbian term for 'guy'? am i really stupid? because i feel really stupid, just thinking these questions. and if i had the answers, it would probably belong in tmi, not here...

i ask terrie later about art's employee number, because usually the people in his position end in 5, and he doesn't. i tell her even kristen ended in 5, and terrie asks how i knew kristen's number. i told her it was on the schedule and she thinks i'm crazy, because i think most people don't read the schedule as closely as i do.

when prudy leaves for the night, terrie disappears again. she's there an hour more, and i see her maybe once. the rest of the time, she hides in the office or upstairs. rashid and i make a note of this.

terrie leaves, and rashid and i talk about the research he's going to do tomorrow. i have to stop up tomorrow evening because i forgot to cash my check, so i'll check on him.

it's a friday night. christine won't come tonight. even if she came, she'd find me if i'm not in the parking lot. i make a decision not to watch for christine. instead, i go talk to molly while she stocks. it keeps me from getting my hopes up... i think that was good. but i still miss her. and i'm still frustrated that terrie likes prudy and liz, but not me.

tyrone is at the bus stop. he talks to me and it's really the first time i've ever talked to him. it reminds me of christine in every way. christine talked to him all the time. and the way he's talking to me is sort of like how christine talked to me. and i miss christine, just like every other night of my life.

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Hairy arses :P

Hey :)

As far as guy's arses go, it differs from bloke to bloke. Some guys have really hairy ones while others are naturally pretty much hairless. It can also depend on their race. Not that I've been studying them in the showers or anything, honest... :P

Incidentally, Carmen Electra gets her butt waxed to totally remove all hair. Apparently she likes the fact that it makes her more sensitive down there... God, what the hell am I blathering on about now?!

TTYL (hopefully with a saner post...)

The Small Faced Boy

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