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procrastination sucks
yesterday i worked and taysha joked around with me for long enough to make me happy. terrie called off. taysha is hot. i think it's funny how the more you look at somebody, the hotter they get. terrie wasn't even hot until i started watching her for signs of homosexuality. then, once i was staring at her constantly, i decided she was hot. when terrie's around, i don't look at taysha, and i don't really notice. but when terrie's gone, i watch taysha, and the more i look at her, the hotter she is.

i come home and stay up til 6 a.m. working on code and documentation. then i wake up today at 11 so i can head to the computer lab.

i spent 12 hours in the computer lab. that is a really long time. and i got really hungry. and i have no attention span. it stunk. but group project #1 is finished, so now we can relax for a little, only not too long becuase hopefully we will finish group project #2 early, so i don't have to do this craziness again.

molly, aaron and i played cards. i like molly and aaron as a couple. they don't feel so couplish, so i don't notice that i'm a third wheel, if i am one at all. she was drunk and he was high and i won.

jim is on vacation this week. terrie is on vacation next week (i know this from eavesdropping). what am i going to do without terrie to look at?

i'm going home this weekend. i want to tell my family... but then i don't. i think it would be a bad idea anyway, because my dad is driving me back to columbus, and that's a pretty long trip... i can handle a little awkward silence, but that would be a lot. and even if he's 100% ok with it, i think it would still be a little weird. but if i could see christine tomorrow at work, and talk to her about it, i think i would tell them, or maybe i would wait til i got back, and then tell molly. if i could just talk to her...

i think there's a time when it's too late to call. like if she gave me her phone number, and then i waited 4 years and then called her, that would be weird because nobody keeps a phone number for 4 years before using it. 4 years would be too late. is 3 months too late? does it count as 3 months if i've seen her since she gave it to me? should it only count as a month and 12 days, since i've seen her in between? is that too long to wait? i think i'll think about that tomorrow because i'm about to collapse.

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hey we dont know each other but it was wondering if you could give me a code from your *invite a friend* thing so that i could make my own journal...it would help alot! thanks.

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