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(no subject)
lego monkey
i'm going to bed right now, but for anybody who cares to hear my opinion:
i'm glad wes won the safety.
i'm glad ct lost the duel.
i really wanted to see jody go into the duel and lose, so that it would be aneesa and svetlana in the end, but i suppose i knew that was wishful thinking. i kind of wish aneesa had won the duel, because i feel like she would have a better shot at beating jody in the final, and i wanted aneesa or svetlana to win.
so, who i want to see win next week: svetlana and wes.
who i actually think will win next week: jody and... i don't know. i'll go with wes...

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Someone who watches a show I watch AND talks about it!!!
I'm glad CT lost too.
I want Svetlana or Wes to win as well. :) Yay!
I don't like Jody. I can tell I'd be so intimidated by her.

oooh, you watch the duel, too?!? i don't normally write about it in here, but this after this show, i can't wait for next week! (they'd better be playing the final episode next week... it'd better not be some shit they should have shown episode or something... that always drives me crazy!)

Yeah I watch it! :)
LOL, I hate those Shit They Should Have Shown shows!!! They should just show it instead of telling us they should have shown it. Annoying.
I always have to catch reruns though because I forget it's coming on. I used to always have MTV on for background noise, but then I stopped. So I miss all the shows I actually liked. Good thing they play shows 800 times. :)

ha, the duel on mtv is almost over and this episode was the last before the finale!

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