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(no subject)
my babies

i just noticed that i have people on my friends list who may not exist, as they haven't commented or updated in months. i also have people on my friends list who may not know i exist.
nice weather=spring cleaning.
feel free to comment if you have any strong feelings about staying or going.
if you don't comment, i might cut you, and i might not. in fact, i might never get around to making cuts at all. i tend to procrastinate... but yeah, this is just a heads-up, in case you care. somewhere in my mind, there are thoughts of a friends cut...

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I exist.
Starts poking myself


I love reading your journal please let me stay!!!

Umm... I just wanted to say hi. I seem to never comment on your journal, which is a really sucky thing for me to do, but I do love reading it!

I think I still exist. Please can I stay, in case I do still exist? :D

I'm here. I'd like to stay, too! :)

just thought i'd let you know

i'd like to stay

Cut me and i'll stalk you. Seriously.

cries dont delete me..id have nothing to read..as funny as it sounds yr life is like a good book..im always waiting to see what happends next..

I like you & want to stay on your friends list.
[even though I suck at existing on this journal :-/]

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