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i woke up today earlier than i meant to becuase lauren was screaming at molly about how messy the apartment was getting. i laid in bed and pretended that i didn't hear it for about an hour. then it was time for me to get up and start getting ready for work, but they were still arguing, and i didn't want to step out of my room and into that. so i laid in bed a while longer, and by the time it finally stopped, i got up and barely got ready in time. the good part was that lauren had spent so long yelling at molly that she didn't have much energy left to yell at me, and just asked me curtly if i would pick up my stuff in the main room. i said i'd do it when i got home from work, and she said ok.

rashid was at work, and he and amit have started speaking in another language (hindu? is that the dialect that most indians speak?) in front of me, which makes me a little nervous. i know they're probably not talking about me, and i don't blame them for wanting to speak in their native language, but i wish i didn't have to hear it because i get paranoid...

rashid was excited about talking to liz. he doesn't work with her again until next friday though, and i think he decided that he couldn't wait that long to make trouble, because he came up to me today and suggested that he asked prudy if she liked terrie. i didn't see why he would want to do that, because prudy already knows that terrie's a lesbian, and that was the point of asking liz the question. he said he knew, but it would be funny. i said it could get him in trouble. he said but wouldn't it be interesting? i told him it probably would be slightly interesting, and that was all the encouragement he needed. he asked prudy and she said hell no! he said, 'loser said you did,' and i shot back, 'i did not say anything like that!' i think she believed me, but i know she knew that we had been discussing her because she had seen us looking at her before. then prudy told amit what rashid had just asked. rashid confesses to me later that this might have been bad. amit tells him stuff about terrie and prudy and liz and assumes that rashid's not going to repeat it, but now amit might not trust him any more. with jim leaving (tomorrow was supposed to be his last day, but he's working two more days and then leaving), we can't afford to lose amit as our informant...

on a side note, i can't quite figure out how i got to be rashid's partner in crime. most everybody likes him, and he talks to everybody and they all talk to him, but mostly they just joke around. how did i get picked to be the one to help him analyze everybody, and to help him come up with plans that end up getting us both in trouble? and that is how it works, because even when it hardly involved me, people know that he and i plot together, and assume that if he's getting in trouble or saying things he shouldn't be saying, it's half my fault.

later, rashid, beep, taysha, prudy, davina (a bagger), and i were all standing around, and rashid (don't ask me why) asked prudy again, 'are you sure you don't like terrie?' prudy said yes, she liked guys. rashid makes a face like he doesn't believe her. then prudy started teasing rashid again about not being a real man. he offered, 'i'll prove it to you. let's go. i'll show it to you,' and points over to a corner and puts his hands on his belt. i raise my eyebrows and comment 'hey, he can prove he's a man, and she can prove that she likes guys, all at once...' they all cracked up and prudy says 'hell no! you did not just say that! no way. leave. now.' she's sort of laughing too though, and she's not mad because later she calls me over to whisper 'he just told me to touch it!' i ask him later and he says he never said that, and even though he's crazy, i believe him over her because she's crazier.

taysha comes over by me on her break and she's got a cd in her hand. i ask her what cd it is, and she hides it from me and says to stop being so nosy. i say 'come on...' and she shows me the back. i say 'k-ci and jojo,' and she asks how i knew. she says she's borrowing it from tyrone. then she asks if i have a cd player, and i say yeah, up in the break room, so she asks me to please go get it and she'll run my register. she does, even though she's on break, and i go get it. it has embrya in it but i have no place to put it, so i bring it down too. she asks what cd's in it and i say maxwell, and she puts it in the k-ci and jojo case and thanks me, and comes back a few minutes later becuase she can't figure out how to play it. i show her.

later, after she's back from break and the cd player is sitting on the counter by me, she comes over to get the cd and beep is nearby. beep asks 'loser, that's your cd player?' i say yeah. she asks what i'm listening to, and i say maxwell, and she exclaims, 'oooh, girl, i love maxwell!' i grin and say me too. taysha says 'aww, you're just tryin to be bout it bout it.' beep says 'ghetto loser...' i tell them maxwell's hardly ghetto, and taysha grins and says they were just messing with me. she is hot... and my headphones were on her head.

then it's late, and it's just me, rashid, taysha, and beep. i stuck my cd player under taysha's lane, and the 4 of us gathered at beep's lane. taysha and beep are talking in the cashier part, while me and rashid are at the end of the lane, being baggers, but mostly whispering about terrie and liz and prudy and discussing monday, when terrie will finally return. at some point in our conversation, i realize that taysha and beep are talking about terrie too, so i whisper this to rashid, and we both go silent and listen. they hate her. taysha and beep are complaining about terrie. rashid and i join in the conversation (not to complain about her, just to quiz them and keep them talking, because we like discussing terrie.) they say terrie's all full of herself, and she tries to boss everybody around, and she thinks she's so special just because she's in the office, but she's not even close to being a manager. (she was an assistant front-end manager, but she stepped down). i tell them she still makes the money that she made then, so maybe she's just confused, and thinks she still has the job. they laugh at that idea. beep (who is i don't know how old, but she has grandkids, so she's got to be older than terrie) says terrie talks to her like she's a little kid, and so she gets smart right back at her, and now terrie doesn't mess with her so much. they say that they've loved this week since terrie's been on vacation, and they wish she would never come back. rashid and i laugh, and don't tell them that we are very much looking forward to terrie's return.

a lot of people don't like terrie. they're definitely not the only ones. joe, justin, cheryl, little ben... even jim said she 'gets annoying sometimes.' if she wasn't so damn hot, i probably wouldn't like her either. and terrie doesn't like a lot of people. it makes me feel better about her whole christine situation, though. terrie and christine aren't getting along, but since terrie doesn't get along with hardly anybody, i'll put the blame on her, and christine can keep being perfect.

i went to leave, and went over to grab my cd player. tyrone was there, and taysha asked to make sure, 'do you have the right cd? which one is in there?' i opened it up and answered 'maxwell,' and tyrone exclaimed 'you like maxwell? that's great!'
i answer, 'yeah! i'm going to marry maxwell!' huh? why did i just say that??? sometimes i am amazed at my own stupidity...
tyrone says he went to see maxwell and the concert was pretty good. i ask if he saw him when he toured with alicia keys, and he said yeah but she didn't show up and angie stone came instead. i say i like alicia keys better, and taysha grins at me and says 'there you go acting all ghetto again.' tyrone says that i AM ghetto and i listen to dmx too, and then he starts singing that 'duh-dum, duh-dum,' from who we be.
the reasons this mattered: a) taysha talked to me more today than yesterday! i am making progress!
and b) i've finally found a few people who don't think maxwell is whiny boring slow and no good. (lauren, molly, and alana all think that, and tell me every time i listen to him...)

when i got home, i turned weird. i inspected my cd player. i ran my fingers over the buttons, because taysha touched them. then i smelled the ear part of the headphones, to see if they smelled like taysha. they didn't. i picture them sitting on her gorgeous ears, and i am tempted to lick the fuzzy ear thing. i decide that would be a little too weird, even for me, so i don't. instead, i touch them lightly, and then i put my cd player down in my room and go cook dinner.
then i cleaned up to avoid the wrath of lauren... and then i talked to nikki around 1 a.m. and i'm going over there tomorrow before her party because some of the people will be there, and that way i can see them, but i'll leave before it starts so i can make it to work on time. now i'm going to bed because i have to be up at 6 in 3 days, so i've got to start getting to bed before then.

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I feel your pain. Next week, Monday thru Friday, they changed our training schedule. What does this mean? It means that instead of working 8-5 and getting up at 6 maybe 6:30 maybe 7 if everything else is done (shower, clothes etc) I am now working 6-3 which means I have to ATTEMPT to get up at 4 probably getting up at 4:30 and manage to be out the house by like 5:15 to catch my first bus.

Every one thinks I am crazy for flipping out and when I say "I have a hard enough time getting here at 8 when I have to get up at 6 let alone getting here at 6 when I need to get up at 4, are they nuts?" They just laugh. I don't find it amusing. They also thought it was hilarious when I said "I am going to be one grouchy bitch. Your best bet is to not talk to me until after 12." I guess Monday they will realize how serious I was. Everyone thinks 6-3 is such a good shift because you get off early but I get off at 3 get home by 4:30 maybe 5. Eat something attempt to watch tv but because I will be dead tired fall asleep to get back up at 4-4:30. How is that more time?

*Sigh* Sorry for ranting just wanted you to know that I understand your pain.


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