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(no subject)
my babies
i'm back, with some [not so] important questions:
if your best friend asked to use your comb, would you let them? would you think anything of it?
what if it was just a casual friend?
or a co-worker?
a random bum on the street?

would your answers be different if it was a brush or fingernail clippers, instead of a comb?

(don't try to figure out where i'm coming from, with these questions. just answer, k? thanks...)

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friend or coworker - any of those things would be fine. not a random bum.

i guess that's what i expected, but why? would you let a random bum use your lighter? they're both things you can use quickly and give back without 'using up' the thing itself, so is your answer the same for both?

i generally shrug and apologize that i can't help bums. since i don't know them, i don't know their intentions... and i hate to be so untrusting, but... yea.

I would let them use a lighter (that is easily given back or replaced). I wouldn't let bums or strangers use my cell phone, comb, or hair brush though.

this is pretty much my thing too. or id let them use but tell them they could keep it.

Given the Situation..

A random bum on the street I'd probably be slightly concerned about.. I mean if I was holding the comb out and he just noticed and asked I'd probably let him use it though. If he just asked and I didn't have it obviously around me.. then probably not.
Same with all the objects. If I was holding them and whoever noticed them sure, they can use them.

I'd let a friend use pretty much anything except my toothbrush!

A random bum... um, no way. If they asked, i'd be like 'just keep it'.

I would let anyone use it & if a bum asked I would let them keep it, not just b/c they most likely didn't shower, but because I can easily afford to buy a new comb :)
and if i happenned to have nail clippers on me for some reason I would give them those too

A friend? I'd let them use my comb or brush, no questions (unless it looked like they hadn't washed in days, but my friends shower regularly lol).

A co-worker? Depends on why they are asking and who they are. For the most part, I'd be willing to bet most co-workers won't ask for a fellow co-workers brush or comb unless they were close friends. I can think of a few girl friends here at work that may ask at some point if we're out walking during lunch and the wind gets crazy, and I would let them use it no questions ask.

A total stranger? No, probably not.

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