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(no subject)
molly and i went to visit jim today and i missed him already.

when i got to my work, marie, grant, and jeff were in the break room with a few others. marie likes grant. she didn't pay a bit of attention to me because she was intent on flirting with grant. only jeff said anything to me...

but later, i was out getting carts when she left for the day, and she talked to me and i sounded 7 and she smiled at me like i'm a little kid, just like christine used to do.

on taysha's break, she followed dylan around the whole time.

justin helped me sort all the money and i showed him how to run self-check. he just didn't want to do the trash, but i appreciated the help.

tommy came in to the store today!!!!!!!! i missed tommy!!!!!!!! i hadn't seen him in months... i was happy to see him and he was happy to see me. it was the best part of my day. :-)

i took an hour of eliza's shift and after i worked it, i stayed in the break room, doing homework, til molly could drive me home.

tomorrow will be two months since i've seen christine last. tomorrow, i don't work. art and amit close. amit won't care. art doesn't know christine. so maybe she'll come in tomorrow. so i'm going to be obsessed, and go look for her. and i didn't set a deadline (for calling her if i don't see her) yet because i woke up early to go visit jim, and i'm still too tired to think about it. i'm tired about every day of my life. i need too much sleep...