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(no subject)
on the bus ride to work, there was this scary guy who was maybe about 30... i was sitting across from him, and he asked 'are you on varsity?' i didn't know what he was talking about, but i haven't been on varsity anything since high school, so i just said, 'no.' he said oh, i looked athletic. i told him i used to play sports but not anymore. he said ok, and kept trying to make conversation about different sports, but something was a little creepy about him, so i just kept all my answers as short as possible. i thought he got the hint, because he says 'sorry, i had a few drinks after work, and i'm just trying to be friendly,' and then he was quiet for a little. after a half a minute, he asked, 'did you know that i'm psychic?'
i told him, 'no,' and he could tell that i didn't believe him.
he said, 'no, i really am. i bet i know how old you are.'
i said, 'ok, how old am i?'
the guy said, 'well, i have to channel the energy. wait.'
then he pulls his legs up onto his lap, shuts his eyes, and starts humming. he waves his hands all around, and puts on a show for a good 30 seconds. by now, the people around are starting to stare. he snaps out of it, and says, 'twenty-one.'
i answer, 'no.'
he says, 'oh wait, wait, i must have been picking up that energy from somewhere else... there's a 21-year old on the bus somewhere. wait, hold out your hand like this,' and he puts his hand up, facing his palm towards me.
i hold out my hand, and he puts his hand closer to mine, so i pull my hand away. he does this funny thing with his hand and pulls it back, and then waves his hands around, and shuts his eyes and starts humming again, and when he snaps out of it again, he says 'twenty-three.'
again, i answer, 'no.'
this time, he skips all the funny humming stuff, and just guesses: 'nineteen?'
'well you're not 18, are you?'
'oh, well i really am psychic. usually, i mean. my vibe was just off today. what else can i tell you about yourself? because i really know.'
i tell him, 'this is my stop,' and i press the button.
he says, 'i knew that.'
i stand up, and as the bus pulls up to the stop, he starts giving me this speech... 'well it's been nice talking to you. i hope you don't think i'm too weird, because i'm not. and i really am psychic. just some days, i'm more on than others. and i bet you're a real nice girl. you seem nice.'
i wave bye to him and open the door. he calls out the window, 'and i bet you'd look great in an evening gown.'
a college-aged guy who was sitting next to me gave me a sympathetic look out the other window.
i wonder why that made me uncomfortable. he was just talking to me... and we were in a public place. i knew he wasn't going to rape me or anything... so what if he thought i looked good? is that the only reason he bothered me? if terrie knew that i think she's hot, would she treat me like that? does terrie know? does she make an extra effort to treat me nicely, but deep down, she's got that same disgusted feeling that i felt towards that guy? and what's wrong with prudy? how come prudy doesn't feel that disgusted way when she thinks that terrie likes her? is it maybe different when it's somebody you know, not just some drunk guy on a bus?

at work, alyssa was complaining about terrie because yesterday, terrie said she had an awful headache, and made alyssa do all the work, but terrie still felt good enough to laugh loudly and joke with prudy. alyssa said 'because terrie wants her in bed.' i want terrie in bed. i wonder what alyssa would think if i said that out loud...

i think dylan likes taysha. and i think he likes alyssa too. i can definitely see how he could like taysha. (in fact, i have trouble seeing how anybody who likes girls could not like taysha. maybe if you were so intent on dating white girls that you didn't even look at her, then you wouldn't notice, but mostly, taysha is the kind of hot that you expect everybody to appreciate. terrie is hot, but mostly to me. i know that there are a lot of people who wouldn't think terrie was hot. and there are probably even more people who wouldn't think christine was attractive. but i really think taysha has universal appeal...) i have a little trouble finding what he sees in alyssa though. she does have nice tits... but she's such a giptonite... she reminds me a bit of a wet dog. except she's dry.

anthony and ayrik made fun of me because i was bored so i cleaned keys on my keyboard, individually. anthony makes fun of me all the time and he wouldn't stop for anything. ayrik was more fun because he rolled his eyes and said, 'i can't believe you're doing that. i hate you.'
i put a hurt look on my face, and asked, 'why?'
he said quickly, 'oh i'm sorry, i don't really hate you. i was just kidding. i'm sorry,' and he was all worried that i had really believed him... i felt bad for making him feel bad...

i was there for taysha's entire shift, and she said one sentance to me the whole day. she was leaving for the day, and i looked at her, looked at the clock, and looked back at her. she said, 'yeah, i'm going home,' and smiled and left. i think she's straight. (not because of that. because of how she acts around dylan. she likes the attention he gives her. of course, if that were a good way to tell, then prudy would be a lesbian, because she loves the attention terrie gives her, and she appears to like terrie way more than taysha appears to like dylan. it's hopeless. i need to just ask her or something, because trying to figure it out is getting me nowhere...)

i went out to get carts when i expected christine to come. she didn't. chris did, with alana's boyfriend, in her car. they came to pick me up, so i wouldn't have to wait the half hour on the bus, and so chris could cut my hair. i went as slowly as i could go without appearing to be going slowly. we were still out of there by about 10:40. i don't think christine would come after that... i hope not...

chris gave me a haircut while i sat on newspaper on the kitchen floor. when he was done, i stood up and he took a step back and walked a circle around me, eyeing my hair. he commented, 'i feel so gay.'
i don't like that word... 'happy,' i told him.
he looked at me funny, and said, 'well i meant gay like homosexual. but i suppose i feel happy too, because i think i did a good job.'
i told him i thought so too, and thanked him.

i did a lot of homework. we got our grade back from group project #1, a while ago. on one of the parts, we got a 54%. that was the part that molly and i did, and we have no idea what's wrong with it, so we made an appointment to go discuss it tomorrow, early. so i have to wake up early. and go to bed early, except it's too late for that...

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Quick comment

1) The guy on the bus was an arse and you had every right to feel the way you did.

2) It's "Worcestershire" sauce :)

The Small Faced Boy

molly and i just call it 'that w sauce' anyway, because i can't say it any better than i can spell it...

Re: Quick comment

Tis easy enough when you know how: it's said "wuster" :)


like wuster-shur? or do you say shire? you don't really leave off that whole end part, do you?

Re: Quick comment

Well according to the online dictionaries, it's 'wuster-shur', but I think the more colloquial way (i.e. the way my family have always said it, heheh) is to drop the last syllable.

The choice is yours! The power is in your hands! Only you can decide! Etc...


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