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i meant to be asleep a long time ago.
i can't try to break into her hotmail account any more. i quit trying a long time ago, really. i just liked staring at her secret question. now it gives me this bright red font telling me this isn't the way to reset the password. it's not because of too many wrong guesses, because i went back and did too many wrong guesses on one of my junk addresses, and it gave me a different message-a black one. i don't know why she gets a red message. but i miss looking at her question...

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Hotmail passwords


If you really want to get into a Hotmail account - I'll leave the ethics of the question up to you on this one - then there is a way to get the password for any address. If you want to know how, let me know, k?


oooh i want to know...

is there really a way?!?! i want to know how!

to clarify: what i actually wanted to know was the answer to her secret question. about a year ago, i figured out her hotmail name, her state, and her zip code, and knowing that brought me to the screen with her secret question, which was 'am i a gay?' (at that time, i had no idea that she was bi, and i wanted desperately to find out what the answer was.) by playing with my accounts, i discovered that, without ever changing the password, you can tell if you've answered the secret question correctly. so for a while, i would guess answers until i got locked out, every time i could. now that i know the real-life answer, i don't really care what her 'secret' answer is... but every few months, i just check in to stare at that secret question and wonder what in the world you could use to answer that question that i haven't already guessed... but now they've changed something, so even though i can still get to the secret questions for my accounts, i can't get to the one for hers.
i am curious, but i don't think i want to get into her account, actually. i'm completely disregarding the ethics of the question, but i just think that it would be bad for me. if i got into her account, all i could possibly find is proof that she has a life and it doesn't involve me. she upsets me enough already... i don't need that.

but i do want to know how to get into a hotmail account. i have 8 or 9 hotmail accounts, mostly junk ones, and jake and i have spent hours and hours trying to find a way to 'break into' them, pretending that we don't know the passwords... we thought the numbers at the top meant something, and if we picked the right combination, we could end up in random accounts... but nothing ever worked. all we could do was change the password on my sister's account, and lock her out, and we could only do that because we knew our own mother's maiden name...

Re: oooh i want to know...

Hey again,

There is a way, which basically works by duping the Hotmail people into thinking you're an employee working for them. What you need is a Hotmail address to send an e-mail in a specified format. I'd recommend using a Hotmail address you don't mind them blocking/shutting down just in case anything goes wrong and they figure out that you don't work for them (which shouldn't happen, but hey, you never know).

Anyway, e-mail me at my spam address - kermin@mail.com - and I'll mail you the details of how to do it from my proper e-mail addy. I'll try and get it forwarded to you asap, but I'm gonna be a little busy so it may take a few days, k?


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