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(no subject)
ok here goes. so i wake up and take my quiz, and leave right after it to study for my midterm. only when i go to study, i have absolutely no concentration. i open up my book and stare at the same page for an hour and 3 minutes. so then i give up and have a snack and practice juggling and go to take the midterm. it was sort of hard. hopefully i did ok though because i'll never be able to forgive myself for not studying if i didn't... then i go to my next class and i'm sitting there, and about 15 minutes into the class, i realize that i haven't heard one word the teacher has said. so i figure if i'm going to be daydreaming in my own little world anyway, i may as well do it in my own room. so i leave. i count that as skipping 1 class total, since i went to part of both, which makes my total for the week 4, one better than last week. i will be a good student someday.

so then i go to work and they put me on express. when marie comes in, they put her right behind me on 2nd express. so i ignore her completely for awhile becuase she's scaring me again and i don't know why. she asks when i leave, and i tell her 10 and she laughs at me becuase she leaves earlier than me. so now that i've spoken to her, i feel like i have to do something, so i see this shelf tag sitting at the end of her register, so i go get it and just sit there bending it in my hands becuase i don't know what else to do with it. she asks what i'm doing, and i say 'uhhh... playing.' she says 'you scare me.' i am taken aback. i say 'no, YOU scare ME.' she asks why and i say 'i dunno, just cause...' and then she gets a customer and that's the end of that conversation. dana was coordinator and i swear the man enjoys having his face 2 inches from my ass or something. he wanders around looking for trash on the floor, picks it up, and comes over to my register to throw it away every time. while i'm busy, and doesn't even say excuse me or anything, just bends over to use my trash can. and without me moving, his head is practically up my butt. of course he could just be clueless too. he's kind of a strange guy to begin with, i guess. and that's all i have to say about big bear becuase christine wasn't there today. and neither was jeff, tommy, or jim. jp was and he was wearing these pants that were tight at the top and if his ass was a girl's ass, i think i would like it a lot.

so when i leave, the pizza hut guy is at the bus stop again, this time with a girl in a pizza hut shirt. and on the bench is this happy couple. so the pizza hut guy is talking to me and the girl, telling her how he thinks i should switch to pizza hut so i make $80 on a friday night instead of whatever i'm making now. he says how this is going to be a weekly occurance, trying to talk me out of big bear every friday at the bus stop. and then the guy says something kinda quiet about 'you'd think this was san fransico.' at first i'm lost. then i realize that perhaps the two people on the bench are both girls. the one is obviously a girl. the other... well, i thought it was a guy, but when it talks, it sounds sorta feminine. and then the pizza hut two start saying how they LIKE san fransisco. so that comment wasn't a bad thing. and THEN they are talking about some local store to buy shoes at, and the pizza hut girl says 'yeah, and there are some hot girls working there too!' and THEN i get on the bus and notice that the guy has an earring in his right ear. and i know that's not supposed to really mean anything, but there's still this possiblity that i was waiting at a bus stop with 4 other gays... me, who's never met another homosexual in her life... it's a strange thought. i have next friday off, and i am seriously thinking about catching a bus down there in my work clothes for the sole purpose of waiting at the bus stop with that guy again. is that really stupid?

then i come here and try to join some livejournal community but i can't figure out how to work it, so i might be a memeber but i spent about a half hour trying to post something in it and i can't figure it out.

it's a friday night. i got off work at 10. i have no life. but i'm making more money than your average college kid. and i don't really want to be at a party with a bunch of straight drunk kids anyway. now a party with a bunch of gay drunk kids... that's another story... if anybody knows where i can find one of those, lemme know. until then, i will spend friday nights trying to convince myself to do homework. so far i've been terribly unsuccessful.