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(no subject)
my realtor smells really good. luckily, she's not hot, and this doesn't cause any problems or anything, but she handed me a paper today. a little bit later, when i was by myself, i noticed something smelled really hot, and i realized it was my hand, just from holding her paper. i smelled it up close and it absolutely smelled like something i'd want to have sex with...

so i'm a girl. i could never wear a girls' fragrance because i'd spend all day smelling myself and then wanting to take that smell to bed with me. i objectively enjoy the smell of some boys' fragrances and could probably wear that, but that seems a little bit too gay. so i wear no fragrance. but how does it work for other lesbians and/or gay boys? how can you wear a scent that goes with something you'd want to fuck? or how can lesbians be attracted to girls who wear guys' scents? are they attracted to them in spite of it, or do some lesbians actually find themselves attracted to boys' scents, just not boys?

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.. I don't know..
I tend to smell a bit like Axe bodywash and Vanilla.. which I'm sure smells fucked up but whatever.. I typically don't wear any other fragrance than some Vanilla stuff I've had forever.

I don't think I connect a certain smell to a gender though.. I just know if something smells good or not. Sharon wears a certain type of male cologne that I think smells nice, but My dad wears one that makes me want to gag.. Its some kind of cuban thing.

I think it's interesting that you'd want to take yourself to bed because of the perfume you're wearing though.. I get a great visual of you dragging yourself into a room and slamming the door.

I would end up asking a person what fragrance they were wearing, as if I LIKED IT, and then spraying pics of my crushes with it. :P And hey, then if you wanna go to bed with the pics and let the imagination flow from there, go for it. <3

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