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(no subject)
that didn't work. it said-this lady in an automatic voice- your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice mail system. then somebody said 'jim' or 'kim' or 'tim,' but it sounded like they were screaming it across the room, and then there was all this background noise and then they said 'hello?' and then the automatic lady came back on and filled in is not available to and i think that's when i hung up. maybe that's not her phone number... who is that? i didn't block my number. i can't call again now, can i? if you could see my number twice? well maybe if i was going to leave a message this time. but not with that kind of greeting... what if that's not her? i can't tell... does this mean i'm not going to do it? i can't, not if i don't know for sure it's her phone... maybe i dialed wrong? should i try one more time?? does that kind of voice mail mean for sure it's a cell phone? or is it the regular phone? does it matter? maybe i needed an area code? aurgh i know i'm scared, but i WANT to talk to her... but there's no way i'm leaving a message when i'm not even sure she's going to get it... they'll get home soon. if i'm going to do it again, i have to do it now. but if she didn't answer before, she's not going to answer now. but maybe if i listen until the automatic lady stops talking, something will happen to let me know it's her phone? what's going on? who would fill in that blank with something other than a name? try one more time?