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so i don't know. i've been hanging off my bed, listening to nin for awhile... on one hand, i'm thinking i should just forget it. forget calling her, forget ever seeing her, forget ever talking to her, just forget her. if she gave me the wrong number, she must not want to talk to me...
but part of me isn't ready to give up on this... i spent so long practicing this stupid phone call... and i'm ready to do it... and she couldn't have given me the wrong number on purpose, could she have? maybe it's not even the wrong number. i know marie works today. and i know marie knows her number. i could ask her... i need to go to the store anyway, to pick up some stuff that i forgot to get last night... and i sort of want to call again, and listen to the whole thing, all the way up to the leave a message part, just to make sure i'm not missing anything, because last time i hung up before i got there. maybe i'll ask marie, then call from a random pay phone. and if neither of those get me anywhere, then i guess i just give up... i miss my christine. :'(