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my babies
dude, this whole being grown-up bit... it kind of sucks! i never thought i'd put this much effort into appliances EVER but here i am stressing out about it...

i had a coupon for hhgregg, and they're offering 2 years, same as cash, and they're supposedly having a big sale, too, so i went over there after work to check out all the things on my list.

first of all, i cannot see a difference between any of the flatscreen tvs. show me a 52-inch lcd, and it looks like every other 52-inch lcd to me. sony, sharp, toshiba, lg... they're all the same. i switch to look at the plasmas, and they look the same as the lcds! i seriously can't find a difference between any of them. i stood in hhgregg forever, looking from one tv to the next, and they all look just the same to me. given that, you'd think i'd just go for the cheapest one, but i feel like i must be missing something, and i lean towards the most expensive ones, figuring other people must see what i don't, or i break out consumer reports and try to go with them... i have no idea.

so then i give up and move on to appliances. my current appliances are a mixture of brands and colors (although the three major ones are mostly black). my current dishwasher doesn't work at all. the microwave is an old one rashid gave me years ago, and it sucks--the turntable is broken, and the food gets cooked very unevenly, even when i stop it every 10 seconds and rotate the plate. so a hundred bucks for a new small microwave is definitely a good investment. my oven is functional, as far as i know, but i think it must have come with the house. it looks very old fashioned. it's electric, but it has the coils and it's a pain to clean when i make a mess. i'd really rather have a new smooth-top electric range. the fridge is noisy and the freezer light is broken--it flashes on and off randomly--but other than that, it works just fine. but i really want all my appliances to match... and i really want stainless steel...
since the dishwasher is the one that is completely broken, i start with dishwashers. i break out consumer reports, and i listen to the salesman, and i eventually decide that if i were to get a dishwasher from here, i would want a whirlpool model. it's $100 more for the stainless steel one... but that's kind of where i'm leaning. the other 3 rounding out the top 4 are all kenmore, though, so i feel like before i go with this one, i should probably stop in at sears to compare.
so then i go to check out the other appliances, and i come to realize that each manufacturer makes their stainless steel just slightly different. it's just enough difference that it would drive me bonkers, looking at an oven right next to my dishwasher with just a slightly different finish, right below my microwave with yet another finish... so basically, if i want all my appliances to match, i have to get all the same brands... whirlpool also had the top-rated fridge, so i'm good with that. they didn't do nearly as well in stoves or microwaves, though. still, i took down the top brands and the prices, and after much pressure from the financing guy, i convinced them that i really did want to go look at sears before i bought anything there, and i came home to research... i looked up the whirlpool oven i had been looking at, and on bestbuy.com, there was one consumer rating... which said the smoothtop burner didn't even get hot enough to boil water! since i almost never cook in the oven, and only ever cook on the burners, this is clearly the biggest deal to me... kenmore seems to be the best brand overall, so i guess tomorrow i'll hit up sears. only problem is, the dishwasher at sears is over $100 more, plus i don't get to use the coupons from hhgregg (which could have saved me $200, if i got all new appliances there).
and any way you look at it, i'm looking at around $2100, plus whatever i pay for delivery and installation, to replace all 4 appliances, where if i just got a new dishwasher and microwave, it'd be less than half of that, AND i could get the cheaper hhgregg ones, if i wasn't worried about matching the brand of a new stove and fridge. but if i'm going to get half new appliances, shouldn't i just go ahead and get the rest?

owning a home comes with too much decision-making!

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*laughs* Appliances blow. Ok.. I sold Appliances for awhile.. and I worked at sears so I may be of a little assistance here.

Kenmore is basically other brands. I believe Whirlpool is one of Kenmores major guys. All we do is we send Whirl pool the specs we want and then Whirlpool makes them, so usually you get the same (if not slightly better) product from Kenmore than you do from the actual manufacture.. why that is, I'm not sure.

If you're getting a kenmore brand that it doesn't matter because Kenmore is only sold at Sears, but otherwise Sears will Price Match and give you 10% of the difference. So if hhgreg or Bestbuy have the same Whirlpool dishwasher for less, you can still get it for that price.

Sears usually has decent sales going on for appliances. Especially their tiered sales, if you're buying 3 items, it's worth waiting for. Usually if you get Kenmore, and get 3 items you can get 20% off the entire purchase, plus free delivery and installation. If you can, i'd suggest waiting for that sale to come around, it's usually about every month. Or go in and ask, if you tell the salesman you're serious and you want that particular sale they're usually pretty good about telling you if you promise to come back to them.

As far as stainless goes, don't go for the 'smudge proof' or whatever it's called. The kind that's suppose to resist fingerprints. It's just a finish over regular metal so if it gets scratched you're screwed. Just make sure you get Stainless.

you pretty much know something about everything! thank goodness for you!

that sounds like a good deal--i might try to wait around for that sale! i'll probably try to stop in earlier, to pick out the ones i want, and to verify that's the route i want to go, but i guess the only reason i was in such a hurry this time is because the hhgregg coupons expire. if i'm not going to be using them anyway, it won't hurt me to wash dishes by hand for a while longer...

does sears do the same thing if you get their credit card, like a year or two same as cash? maybe i should check out the tvs there, too...

That's why they call me Handy Andi

Anything over 12 months you have to make minimum payments on, but yes. Usually the payments are like.. $20 a month so something ridiculous because they don't want you to pay it off by the end of the financing.
Also, I'm not sure about what you're planning but I believe the delivry fee (up there) is $65, and no matter what you get (so if you get 3 appliances and a tv, lets say) then you just pay the $65 once and everything else comes along for the ride you dont' pay it on each item.
And if you do decide to go with the Protection Agreements, then you should get 10% off if you get more than one. So if you do want them, make sure you tell them that, because most salesmen won't OFFER that, but it is what we were suppose to do. If you're at all nervous about fixing them they're usually a good idea, it's all in home, you don't ever have to pay anything else for the life of the agreement. And with the fridge you get $250 food loss each time. I won't pump anyone else's protection because I don't know what Sears' covers but I've always been glad I've had my stuff covered.

They also have 'Friends and Family Nights' those are usually pretty great events too. Just talk to your salesperson and let them know what's going on and they can set you on the right sale for you.

ha! I feel your pain! But I can help... maybe... a little...

plasmas will give you the better picture, but they don't last as long as the LCD due the fact that plasma is a 'gas' or something and eventually will need a re-charge, but you can have that done in a repair shop if you want to go that route. Also, the plasmas are better for a view if you or someone elsi in the room does not have a straight on view of the TV. I am partial to Sony myself, but I have a friend who was moving and dropped his Sharp down a flight of stairs (it BOUNCED at the end and rolled a but) and it still works great, so that is something.

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