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(no subject)
my babies
somebody? gracified? help?
so i was mowing my lawn... now, i haven't mowed my lawn for a good month. there's been no rain, and dead grass doesn't really grow. and unless i'm mowing my lawn, i'm not in my back yard. my master bedroom window overlooks the front yard. i know it sounds silly, but i've not even LOOKED in my back yard since i mowed my lawn last, over a month ago.

so i go out there, get the whole front yard done, head into the back yard, and i'm confronted with THIS!!

the last time i saw this tree, it was just a tree! a crooked tree, but just a regular old tree, not a tree covered in fruit of some sort! i stopped the mower and just stared at it for a good 10 minutes, completely dumbfounded... now what??

i finally turned the lawn mower back on and just mowed everything except for the grass under that tree, because i didn't want to disrupt the fruit lying on the ground. and then when i finished, i just went back to it and stared at it some more... i've never seen something edible growing up close like this... what am i supposed to do with this?!?

i think they're peaches. i actually like peaches, but am i allowed to just eat them? do i have to eat the ones on the tree? some of them have these weird black marks on them, like they're going mildewy or something... do you eat those? and what about the ones on the ground? can i mow over them? can i pick them up and eat them? the ones on the tree actually felt sort of hard, and the ones on the ground felt softer, like they would taste better, but are they dead or something, once they're on the ground? and then some of the ones on the ground have started to rot away, and i think i even saw a few peach cores (that's not what you call them, is it?) just lying on the ground, where all the fruit was completely gone... how do i get the rotting ones off of the ground? can i mow over those? and even though i DO like peaches, there's no way i could ever eat all those peaches! do i just throw them out with my weeds and other yard waste? i feel like a total city girl, but dude, i'm so stumped...

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I think I'm going to bust my gut laughing.. holy cripes.
.. thank you for making me laugh.. it feels good.

Ok.. they do look like peaches. Wash them in the sink and effing eat them! Eat the ones that feel ripe.. whether they were on the ground or the tree. If they have mildew or mold or what have you, depending on how bad it is, either cut that bit off, or just toss it.

With the extra's take those thangs to work and give them to people.

I wouldn't mow over them.. then you'd probably have damn peach trees growing all OVER your yard. You probably saw a Peach Pit because some animal ate the peach... birds or .. possums or whatever it is that lives up there around you that may find fruit fantastic.

But yea... just.. pick them up.

lol. Although I can't really laugh too much, cause I don't think I'd ever seen a fruit tree up close either, until I went to California...but nancy had orange trees and avocado (I think) trees in her yard...(there were always a bunch rotting oranges on the ground)...I'm surprised you didn't see/notice them when you were there, but they were probably cleaned up for the party...

This is the first time I have seen a peach tree though! That's pretty awesome!

maybe i just didn't notice... too busy watching adriana dance... :-)

PEACHES!!! Oh you lucky dog. I'm so so jealous of you. I can't be positive they are peaches, but they sure look like it. They could be nectarines. Ok, so eat them, silly.
Do you know how hard it is to get organic peaches ANYWHERE?!? They (farmers around here) all say that it's too hard to grow them organically, and yet here you are, growing them organically- and by accident no less. Liars!
I would pick them, cut them up and stick them in freezer bags. Enjoy them all year long. If you don't want them, I'd post it on craigslist as a "U-pick" deal. Also, have you thought of setting up a compost? It's a great way to get rid of old food scraps, etc. It's not hard at all, you basically just throw all of your scraps in a pile somewhere in your yard and let it decompose. You can also invest in one of these: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/225/518559738_4773c24e84.jpg That's what mine looks like. That way you wouldn't have to deal with mowing over fruit... oh man I'm so jealous. Actually, I have a friend in Columbus who might love to come pick some of your peaches. Let me know if you're interested in that!

does a compost smell bad?

yeah, i live almost in hilliard, but if you know somebody who wants some peaches, she's more than welcome to come get some! i don't know how many of them are good to eat, though. i saw a couple with that black stuff on them, and i didn't really look too closely at the rest of them because every time i touched one, it fell right off the tree, and i felt like i was hurting them!

lmao, this totally amde me laugh.... you've never seen something edible growing up close like this? Didn no-one around you ever have a garden with an apple tree, or keep rhubarb or strawberries or anything?! fresh fruit tastes waaaay better, and you know what pesticides and stuff are in it!

no, nobody had that. and there are no pesticides in it, so i'm scared it's gotten infested with bugs or something and it's going to hurt me to eat them!

Pesticides will hurt you more! Eat them! Make pies! I am SO JEALOUS!

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