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my babies
generally speaking, when you want somebody you can't have, do you think it's best to tell them, or to keep it to yourself? and why?

does your answer change based on:
- the way in which you want them? (i.e. love, lust, silly crush)
- the reason you can't have them? (i.e. they're in a new relationship, they're in a committed relationship, they're married, they're of the opposite sexuality, they're just not that into you, you're in a relationship)
- who they are to you? (i.e. a good friend you've developed feelings for, a co-worker you'll have to see every day until you retire, a friend of a friend you could either be-friend or never see again)

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Fantasies give me a special joy. Now if I know I can't have someone and I tell them, the guaranteed rejection will blow my fantasy out of the water. Once it's no longer a possibility, you just can't pretend.
ahh, see this is exactly me!! my problem, though, is that what ruins my fantasy is finding out the other person is straight! so no matter how much i hide it from them, the second they give me a hint that they like boys, it's over. (and then sometimes i pretend anyway. sometimes i convince myself that even though she's married, she MUST secretly want me...)

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