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(no subject)
i'm done with school for nearly 2 weeks! the final sucked. i woke up in time to study, and we did study, for about 45 minutes, but then we decided it would be more fun to cook than to study. and then we ate. and then she took a nap and i watched bet. i think i did pretty badly, but i don't care right now, because i'm done. next quarter, i'll get good grades. this quarter, the point was just to get through, and i'm sure i passed...

i went to the store, after the final. it wasn't because i wanted to see marie, even though i knew she would be there. it's because i'm stupid, and even though i'm there 5 days a week, i can't think to do things i need to do when i'm there. jane makes the schedule tomorrow morning, and i hadn't written that i was going home for easter, so i had to do that. also, my room is getting a little dark because there are supposed to be 4 light bulbs in the light, but they've burnt out, one by one, and i keep forgetting to buy more. today, the last one went out, so i used one of those clip-on lights. it's not so bright. the trip to the store wasn't very exciting. marie asked if my mouth had recovered. taysha called me a dumb-dumb. marie kept messing with my station when i went through self-check, but i didn't touch her, and that's good. or it's bad, but someday, i'm going to be able to think that it's good.

i sent jim an email. we've been emailing back and forth. i'm testing myself. i'm pushing myself to write things that i know i wouldn't have the guts to say outloud... but i'm still not being forward with it. i did mention that 'oh, i remembered who was better than prudy or liz. taysha is.' i think he knew i meant 'hotter,' not 'better,' but he played innocent, and asked why she was better, and i couldn't bring myself to write about her ass or her lips or her smile or anything, so i just said because she's more fun, and she has cool hair. i'm getting there...

i wish i could talk to christine, just once... still...