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(no subject)
so before, jim asked if i had told rashid about terrie. i explained how rashid told me, and i was so surprised that he knew that all i could ask was how he knew, and i explained how rashid thought that meant i didn't believe him. i asked if he remembered that time that rashid asked him to tell me that terrie liked girls, and he just mumbled something like 'uhh... i dunno...' and left real fast. so he e-mailed me back:
When Rashid asked me to tell you about Terrie, I just blew it off (even though I knew you knew, since I had told you earlier). I did that to not encourage Rashid and the rumor mill. I've done the same for you also. Terrie is pretty open about who she likes, but I didn't see the need to perpetuate any rumors.
he's done the same for me also! that does mean he's blown off the same question, when people have asked him about me, doesn't it???? or does he mean something else? who's asking him that question about me????