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(no subject)
molly saw the cut on my face and asked what happened, so i told her. she didn't believe me, at first. i don't blame her. dog food does not seem like a weapon, but when i finally convinced her that it really was dog food that left the fucking gash in my face, she got that funny way about me and marie again... i told her i don't get it, and then asked 'seriously, why would you try to force a person to eat dog food?'
she said, 'for the same reason you'd force a person to eat a green bean.'
i asked why you would do that, and she said because marie's immature. and then she added, 'but so are you...' then she said maybe she likes to have power over people. and maybe molly, who doesn't know that i'm obsessed with marie, and doesn't think of everything in terms of sex, is righter than me? the only enjoyment i get out of these fucking 'fights' is the fact that i get to touch her. i sure don't like the end result, because half the time, i wind up eating something disgusting. but maybe she doesn't care for the fight at all, and only fights so she can win. and then my outlook on the whole marie situation is even worse than it was before. and a few hours ago, i didn't even think that was possible. fuck this. i'm going to bed.