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overly mean? not mean enough? suck it up and shut up? your opinions, please...
lego monkey
does this sound overly cruel or whiny? i'm about to leave it on best buy's website. i am so pissed right now!!!

I purchased a dryer at Best Buy and when scheduling the delivery (for today), I made sure to specify that I needed a half hour warning since I would be coming from work, which is about 20 minutes away. The salesperson (who was very nice and helpful) noted that in the form and said it would be no problem. He also said that they would call me on Wednesday to give me the two-hour window in which they would be arriving with the dryer. I had to give this information to my employer, as they were trying to schedule in-house training for Friday.

Based on the information from the salesperson (which was later confirmed in an automated message I received on Tuesday), I told my employer that I could let him know by close of business on Wednesday. By 4:30 on Wednesday, I had still not heard from anybody with a delivery window, so I called, was sent to voicemail, and left a message. Nobody returned my call. At 4:58, as a last resort, I tried calling again. This time I got a human, who told me that my delivery window was from 11:30-1:30. She assured me that if it was noted on the form, they would call me 1/2 hour ahead of time. I'm glad I got my delivery window, but I'm of the opinion that if you tell me (twice) to expect a call by 5 on Wednesday, then I should receive that call by 5 on Wednesday, without having to leave a message (which didn't help) or call repeatedly.

So today, I expected a call by 1:00 at the latest (which would allow me enough time to get to my house by 1:30, the end of the delivery window). By 10 after 1, I still hadn't heard from anybody, so I called to find out what was going on. She said that she was sorry--they must have forgotten to call, but they were five minutes from my house and would wait there and not leave until I got there. I dropped everything at work to come straight home... and there were no delivery people. I waited for 20 minutes and they still weren't here, so I called AGAIN. She said they had decided to go someplace else, since I was coming from work. Had I known that they were not waiting at my house (as she had told me they would be), I would have taken 10 minutes to wrap things up at work so that I didn't have to drive all the way BACK to work when they were done.
Again, if you tell me that you can call me ahead of time, then you should do it. If you tell me that there are delivery people waiting at my house, I am going to try to be courteous, and to get there as soon as I possibly can, even if it inconveniences me. So don't tell me they're going to be waiting there if they're not!

When they showed up with the dryer, the first man in tracked dirt all over my clean floor. His pants were pretty much falling off--at the beginning of the delivery, his underwear was clearly visible, and by the time he left, it was his butt crack hanging out, which I found to be both repulsive and unprofessional. He also smelled TERRIBLE. He is gone now, and my entire first floor still reeks. It is 49 degrees outside and windy, my heat is on, yet all of my windows are wide open because the smell is THAT unbearable.

I was told in one of the phone messages that I was supposed to get a comment card from the delivery people, but when I checked after they were gone, I found that they had only left me with some packaging and old dryer venting (in addition to the dirty floors and a stink that won't dissipate). No comment card, no delivery receipt, nothing. Once again, I called the delivery line. They told me to just go online and comment at bestbuy.com, so here I am. I just want you to know that all in all, this was a horrible experience and I will not be purchasing any more appliances from Best Buy. I have not tried the dryer yet, but I certainly hope that it does a better job than your delivery staff did.

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I don't think it sounded mean at all and you have every right to complain. I worked at Best Buy and believe me, we have had far meaner complaints! Yours sounds respectful enough.

If you don't hear from them in a week or two, I would recommend calling and talking to the store manager directly. They should hook you up with something. Let me guess, the guy was obese too...the guys I worked with tended to not take care of themselves, whether it hygiene, eating, exercising, etc. Yech.

good, thank you! that was all the encouragement i needed! i sent them a comment and got back an e-mail that said somebody would contact me within 3 business days, so we'll see...

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