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(no subject)
a customer at work today asked me, as i was ringing up his order, 'so, have you ever been born again?'
i didn't want to talk about religion, so i played dumb and replied, 'no sir, i thought once was enough.'
he asked if i knew what that meant. if i said yes, he would call me a smart ass, so i said no. he explained. he told me i was going to hell, and the only way to save myself was to be born again, though jesus christ.
i don't know if he's right or if he's wrong, and considering that i only slept 2 hours last night, i don't really feel like thinking about it. but regardless, i don't think that's a good way to talk to somebody about religion. i would think it would be better to share your views than to try to force them on somebody else.

i made marie laugh over the intercom today.

fly is seriously considering going to the same college as holly. she went there for a visit and happened to run into her and they went to lunch together. jealous, i am.

i don't want to be here. i want to be at work, driving myself crazy over marie. it's torture then, but now i'm afraid i'm missing out on something. i don't want to miss anything. i want to be there so christine can find me if she wants to.

my mom talks a lot. she reminded me of that real fast, on the ride home. it makes me double-think the whole idea of coming out to her. maybe i could just tell fly...? i don't know. i'm too sleepy.