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(no subject)
my babies
i am crazy nervous about meeting these random lesbians!!! i'm so scared that i'm going to show up at the bar, see the table of people i'm supposed to be meeting, and then wuss out, turn around, and go home... and i passed up a shift at work tonight for this. i should have just gone with the money. it's way less scary. i could have bought a nice new video game with it, and then spent the rest of my life hanging out at home with my cats. isn't there a less scary way to meet girls?? slakskjaflkjklj why do i suck???

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I know how you feel about meeting up with strangers. However, I'm learning that the best way, for me anyway, is to just dive in and if you keep immersing yourself in terrifying social situations, you will eventually get accustomed to it and feel a lot more comfortable in general. I'm suddenly not afraid to meet new people now even though I'm still a weirdo when it comes to having a conversation, but at least I'm not squeaking out one word replies all the time.

Good Luck! You've got this!

Pain and pleasure are closely related. I can't wait to hear about it!!!

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