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loser is confused
i am confused. what day is it again? umm yea so tues morning, i went to bed at 7 am, and got up at 10 am for my lab. it's supposed to be an easy one and everyone else is out within an hour. i am tired and nothing makes sense to me. the teacher practically does the lab for me becuase he just wants to leave. it takes me 2 hours and 45 minutes. so i figure that if i'm that tired, going to the rest of my classes wouldn't really help anything. so i've skipped 6 classes so far this week. and it's only tuesday.

i was attempting homework but at like 4 pm i decided to go to bed. i woke up at 1130 pm and thought it was 1130 am and i had slept through more classes. i jumped up and went insane throwing on clothes and getting my stuff together and then i looked out the window and realized that it was fucking dark outside.

i'm thinking about calling off work today (wednesday). becuase my sleeping pattern is going to be fucked up. actually, the real reason is becuase jim is going to be there, and christine isn't. so why the hell would i want to be there? i'm scared of jim... yeah but i probably won't actualy call off becuase i already feel bad about lil bow wow. fuck. i'm scared. if it weren't for christine, i think i would just quit. that's stupid, loser. yeah, i know.

so my plan for today: do some homework, go to bed, get up in time for all my classes, prepare a list of excuses to give jim about why i can't go out with him on any day he suggests, and then go to work. wish me luck...


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