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(no subject)
i gotta go to bed. i meant to get stuff done today, but i played tetris for 3 hours with alana's boyfriend. art called and asked me to come in to work. marie has today off and terrie was already gone for the day. i would really like the money, but i had already committed to eating with my roommies and the real world 'party.' i said no, but i still regret it. then i went out to lunch with alana and lauren. on our way back, we passed rashid. he was on campus, and he skipped out of class early to go in to work. i was jealous. real world was ok. everybody hated ameera though, and i didn't see a good chance to come out of the closet. i was seriously looking for one, though. i have to do homework. tomorrow's my long day, and it starts in less than 7 hours...