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(no subject)
in my first class, there was a girl participating in the day of silence. since i was sitting close to the back of the room, all i saw was the back of her head... but i'm trying to remember it because i'm interested. there was also a very annoying boy and every time he opened his mouth, i just wanted to bang my head against the desk. after the first few times, i lost all self-resttraint, and went ahead and did it, which was when i discovered that everybody sitting around me felt the same way. 2nd class was boring. in my 3rd class, i sat in the very back row (there's about a hundred students in the class) and played solitare and moved around. i took 3 bathroom breaks. i threw stuff at molly, who was a few rows up. i have a bad feeling that it won't be long til i start skipping classes again...

terrie was supposed to leave when i got there, but before she left, she called prudy on the intercom, only she called her jackie. they just had a quick discussion on breaks, because rhonda wasn't going to give prudy a break, and terrie had checked and discovered that prudy did get one. there is no jackie at work, so i thought this was pretty interesting. when she hung up with her, i asked why she called her jackie. she answered, 'because i just think- because i don't want- because- just because.'
i took this to mean that there was a reason, but she either didn't know how to explain it, or more likely, she decided she didn't want to explain it to me. maybe she didn't want everybody else to know that she was calling prudy again, because everybody knows she calls prudy way too often. or maybe she just didn't want rhonda to know that she was calling her on her mistake.

marie's car wasn't there, and she was supposed to work today. it turned out she called off sick (which bothered me a lot. now i have to wait til friday to see her, and that's only if i go in then, even though i'm not working. i fucking want marie.) amit had to leave in the middle of his shift to go to class. tasha had to do everything by herself, and at 10 p.m., there was a pile of 6 uncounted tills in the office. amit asked me to make sure there weren't any more in any of the registers, and i found 3 more. i feel bad for them... they're probably still counting tills now... i'm going to bed.