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(no subject)
so at work, i was running self-check and jane came up to me and asked if i was going to be here over the summer. i said i was. molly came over to join in the conversation. jane told me, 'good. because i wanted to train you,' and then she glances at molly and adds, 'both of you, so you know how to do self-check and office.'
molly, who knows how badly i have done at responding to the statement in the past, says with a smirk, 'i would like to work in the office.'
jane says ok, and then turns to me and asks, 'what about you?'
i answered, 'yeah, i wanna work back there!'
she said good, we would work on that. i don't know if i should believe her or not. i would like to... then again, maybe i wouldn't... now, i can work the exact same shifts as marie... if i was in the office, i wouldn't work her shift as much because we would be doing the same things... fuck marie. i want to work in the office because i want to move up. fuck marie.

jim came to work to do nothing, i think. his roommate came with him and they gave me a ride home so i could give jim a cd i had burnt for him. i told him i'd watch shrek with him sometime, in spanish. that's cool, i think.

nikki's sister had a baby so i'm going home with her tomorrow. i'm skipping one class and skipping the chance to see marie, and going home to keep nikki company, to visit her sister and the baby, and to stop in and say hello to my family. we're only going to be there for 7 or 8 hours. a 2.5 hour drive each way seems like a lot for an 8-hour stay, but i don't care. stalking marie is no good for me and i have no other plans anyway.

lauren has drunk noisy friends here and they clogged the toilet. i need to sleep. i have to be up early tomorrow and at 5:45 saturday...