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another job because i like $$$
i'm thinking about getting a second job. up until now, i've been managing to live paycheck-to-paycheck... my parents give me $1500 a quarter for the quarters that i'm enrolled full time, so last quarter they gave me nothing... i'm still recovering from that... $300 on textbooks really hurt me... this month, for the first time, i'm going to have to use money from my savings account to pay the rent. i HATE spending money from savings. and there's so much stuff i want to get... i haven't bought any new toys in a long time. i want a dvd remote for my playstation, and a multiplayer tap, and nba 2k2... i want more black legos, so i can build my life-size foot... i still want some toy soldiers... i think i want an xbox... and i want these shoes (even though everybody tells me they're ugly... i like them). so i know none of that is urgent. but for now, i don't do anything in my spare time.
yesterday at work i was really bored, so i sat down and calculated it all out. i can work 36 hours/week at my grocery store, 24 hours a week at some other job, and still have 15 hours a week for homework, plus 2 hours of goof-off time per day, and at least 8 hours of sleep a night. i also left in time for my soccer games on thursdays. and right now, i'm only getting about 32 hours/week at my store anyway, so if jane keeps me on that schedule, i'll have even more time for homework. i think it might be crazy for a full-time student to attempt to work 60 hours a week... but i just want to do it for a quarter or two, to make myself some spending money. i'm going to get my social security card when i get home, because i think they need that before they'll hire you. of course i can't tell my parents, because they think i should quit my job already since it's taking up too much time. then i'm going to go around to places right by my place, because the busses are annoying. i just want to roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, and walk across the street to work.
potential problems:
it might be hard to find a place to hire me with my limited availability. i can't work sunday, wednesday, or friday. i'm only available 4 hours on monday and saturday. but i can work 8 hours on thursday and on tuesday, i can work pretty much any time...
i've never hidden something like this from my parents before... i'll lie about who i am, and sometimes about what i think, because they don't have any way of checking on that, and because those things are less rigid. i've never lied about what i do, or not when it's something major like this... if i'm going to a party, i'll tell them. if there's going to be drinking there, and they ask, i tell them. even when they don't specifically ask, i keep them posted on what i'm doing. i told them i'm on probation at work. because i always tell them, the good with the bad, they trust me. i don't know what they would do/think if they found out that i got a second job and never told them. hopefully, they just won't find out... i worry anyway. but i guess that should come second, after i find a place willing to hire me.
nikki's running late. i have 45 minutes... i think i'm going to go job hunting.