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(no subject)
i went to class. in my first class, i did homework for my second class, and in my second class, i did homework for my first class.

i went to work. shay called off, AGAIN. so did a few other people and it was crazy. i like it when it's crazy becaue terrie goes crazy and when terrie goes crazy, she's hot. (i also like it because time goes faster that way.)
the rule is that if a customer writes a check for over $100, you have to get it oked by a supervisor before you run it through. so some girl had a check for $115 and i brought it up to terrie and jane. terrie didn't take it. she just said, 'what do you want me to do with it?'
i said 'initial it.'
she asked, 'so what would you do if i wasn't here, huh? what if it was late and there was no supervisor? would you just wait forever, or do you think then you would just do it yourself?'
the way she was saying it made it sound like she didn't want me to bring it to her, and i was confused, and i asked, 'wasn't i supposed to give it to you? do i not have to now?'
she took the check and initialed it. i asked 'isn't that the rule?'
terrie still didn't answer, but jane said, 'yeah it is. she's just joking.'
and terrie muttered something not so nice, that started with, 'i forgot you can't say that to her because...' i didn't hear the rest because i was walking away, but it was probably bad.
and she also yelled at me for not wearing my real name tag. if she weren't so hot, i wouldn't care.

the night crew had the same problem they had last night, only tonight they had a bigger truck come in, so i got to stay again and help face and stock about 2 boxes. more overtime. more money. i like.

i just worked a 10.5 hour day... i'm tired. i have a midterm wednesday. i have homework due wednesday. tonight i'm going to bed. tomorrow, i work, and it's also my day for finding a second job, so of course i'm going to put that above anything school-related... i'll find a way to do it sometime, right...?