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so jim wasn't there today. either that or i did an excellent job of avoiding him. but i think he just wasn't there.

marie was and she only even noticed me when she was talking to jeff and jeff talked to me. she is back to just plain scaring me though, so i'm not so bothered by that.

i went outside for my break to hide from jim and tommy and zeke were there. they asked if i had a boyfriend, and when i said no, zeke asked why. is that a question you would ask a straight girl? or would you only ask that question if you were suspicious? i am suspicious of everyone now. nowhere is safe. i think i'm paranoid. but then a few minutes later, he asks if i've seen any hot girls today. i just stare at him. he says he knows i'm looking, becuase all girls are bisexual. well that's about the funniest statement i've heard in a while. i would rather be bisexual. unfortunately, i am living proof that not all girls are bisexual. so i could just laugh at him for that, and not even have to lie. he say i have to keep an eye out for him and tommy. zeke scares me.

tommy goes through my line on the way out and asks if i've been watching for those hot girls. i tell him sorry, i forgot. he points to a girl who just walked in and says there's one. so i dutifully tell him 'look, there's a hot girl.' he says thanks, keep up the good work. i'm not as scared of him as i am of zeke. does zeke know? does he suspect? am i paranoid? is it past my bedtime? (that one i can answer-yes, it is) i'll worry more tomorrow. for now i need to sleep.

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K chick... Breathe! lol don't be so suspicious of those guys, there guys! lol all guys ask those questions, Im always asked if I have a b/f, and if I answer no they always ask why, and also ALL guys do wish girls were bisexual or a lesbien, its just one of those fantasies they all have. My friend darren and jason always ask me to dyke out on a chick, but I always have to refuse since Im not that way! Im all guy, even though Im not saying you being a lesbien is bad, its just something Im not into. And also I think this secret is really eating you inside. Too bad the people you know wouldn't be as understanding as you would like them to be. Alright well thats enough for now, ciao.

haha, thanks, i think i was forgetting to breathe. maybe i am getting all worked up over nothing... i have a tendancy to do that sometimes...

Ya grl your waaay too paranoid, just gotta relax and let things happen, and if ppl do find out and treat you like a "freak"... screw them! You don't need ppl like that. I know plenty of ppl who are excepting. Alright thats enough for now, I gotta get back to talking to my sexy aussi guy friend so ttyl ciao

yum yum gotta love them aussies lmao

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