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my job situation
i have the day off work today. the place i really wanted to get my 2nd job at still hasn't called me, so i decided it was time for my 2nd choice... and 3rd... and 4th... so (more so i won't forget than anything else), here's my list of places i've applied, and the outlook:

the first place i went was the 7-11 type store on the corner. it's nearly as close as my first choice (only took about a half minute to walk there). i turned in the application and asked if they were hiring. the lady who i turned it in to happened to be the manager. she said they were hiring for the 3-11 shift, and looked at the availability i had written (which included no 3-11s). i frantically attempt to change the schedule i had carefully created, and offer, 'i can do a 3-11 tuesday.' she answers, 'i can give you saturdays...' in my mental excel chart, blocks of times are swapping everywhere. i repeat slowly, 'saturdays...' she offers, 'why don't you give me a call on monday, and we'll sit down and talk?' i replied, 'ok, thank you,' and left. i can give her a 3-11 tuesday and friday, but that's about my limit... i could also do a 7-11 saturday or sunday, but not both... i'm going to try my hardest to be flexible here... later, i realize that i don't have the phone number, nor do we own a phone book. i wonder if it would be bad to stop in instead of call...

next: wendy's. when i asked if they were hiring, the kid got me the manager. the manager told me they were hiring, and to hang on a second. he took my application into the back, and in about a minute, came out and asked if i could come in monday at 4 for an interview. hmmm... i have class, and even if i skipped out of class early, i have to leave at 4:15 to go to work. i probably should have skipped class and risked being late to work, but i didn't think of that and answered, 'i'm sorry, i have class then...' he answered, 'ok, we'll have to come up with something else then. we'll give you a call.' i thanked him, but i wonder if they really will, or if i just blew my chance.

next: bagel place. i turned in my application to a hot girl and couldn't remember the words to ask if they were hiring. she promised to give it to the manager. it's a requirement to work at the place that you have to be a thin young girl, i think. most of them are hot. i don't deal well with hot girls, so it's probably just as well that i didn't talk to the manager or do anything good there.

next: pizza place. i asked if they were hiring and he said maybe. somebody might be quitting and they might need to hire a replacement, but they're not sure if he's leaving. he just doesn't know. and he seemed willing to talk about how uncertain he was about this situation for quite a long time, so after a while, i just interjected, 'ok, thank you,' and snuck off.

and finally: sub place. they are not hiring right now, but in a few weeks, they might be.

and just in case all of those places fall through, i picked up applications for mcdonalds and subway while i was out. i'm hoping that monday, if i stop in before class (around noon), she'll be there and she'll be willing to work something out. i can work 3 nights til 11, but only 2 will be a 3-11... and one of them has to be a 7-11 on saturday, sunday, or tuesday. i hope that's flexible enough... i want this job. i guess if that doesn't work out on monday, i can call wendy's and come up with something appropriate to say to them... nikki's always good at that. if i can't get the job at the corner store, i'll ask nikki to help me come up with something to say so i can call wendy's. and if that doesn't work out, then maybe i'll try for mcdonalds or subway, because none of the other places sounded promising.

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Good luck...

...in your job hunting.

Keep smiling :)


thanks... i might be needing it...

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