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(no subject)
anthony is a liar. i discovered this today, quite by accident. i had to go in to the store to pick up some stuff to make dinner. it was the last place i wanted to go because i'm driving myself crazy over the whole marie situation (as always), and my goal this time is to avoid her until she misses me, and maybe she'll seek me out, and maybe she won't be able to keep her hands off of me, and... god i want her bad. but i seriously had to get a bunch of stuff i forgot, so i went and didn't speak to her. i ignored terrie too, although she was ignoring me probably just as much as i was ignoring her. taysha called me dumb-dumb. i talked to anthony, who never works, and was wandering around when i came in. he came straight over to me and gave me a high 5 and told me molly was looking for me. molly (who is working today) had no idea that i would be coming in, so i'm sure she wasn't looking for me. i told him this, but he maintained that she had told him that it was urgent-if i came in, she needed to see me. so i got the stuff i needed and passed molly and asked, 'you didn't really want to talk to me, did you?' she said no. i said, 'i thought so. anthony said you did.'
she says, 'anthony said you hated my cheeseburgers and only ate them because you were starving.'
it takes me a minute to even remember telling anthony that i ate her cheeseburgers, but once i remember that, i remember the conversation clearly... we argued. i said they were good, and he said if they weren't made on the grill, they weren't good. he kept telling me i was wrong when i said they were good. i told her that and she just laughed. she hadn't really believed him to begin with.
so i know there were times in the past that i've questioned things anthony has said, and i've not been sure whether to believe him or not... now i know i shouldn't believe him, but i can't remember what the things are. all i can remember are things amit has said... i'll think about it tomorrow.

anthony also asked what i was doing tonight, and when i told him nothing, he said i needed to get myself a man to date on friday nights. two days ago, he told me i'd never get married, but now he's telling me to get a man? whatever.

now, for a description of my thrilling friday night:

lauren and i watched t.v. for 4 hours, until 11:30.

brandy talked to me online and then called me up to introduce me to ebay. i accidentally bid on the wrong thing and won and we laughed for a long time, and then i retracted the bid. she says ebay will stalk me down and kill me. i say if i ever want anything again, i'll make a new account. we laughed for a while... it's sad when your friday night revolves around t.v. and internet. anthony is half right. i need somebody to date on friday nights... just not a man...