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(no subject)
i went to work with molly today, so i wouldn't have to worry about the sunday busses. i got there a half hour early, and went right up to talk to marie. i'm stupid about her... i just sound seven when i talk to her, and i never have anything to say... i don't like her. i don't like talking to her. i don't want to be her friend. i just want her. i feel like i'm being pretty dumb about the whole thing. and she's being pretty frustrating. the more i want her, the less interest she shows in me. whatever happened to the good old days when she would wrestle me and poke me and hug me? (and why am i calling that good, when i know i hated that too?) terrie saw me standing up there and asked me if i would clock in early. i did, but i didn't want to. marie was frustrating, but i just wanted to stand there forever, like maybe if i stood there a little longer, marie would suddenly say, 'meet me after work. i want you.'

taysha and i had a real conversation when she was on break. we talked for 10 minutes, about art and his car and how he drives, and about eating and all sorts of random stuff. i actually sounded like a real person, not a little kid... and taysha is leaving in 13 days, so what difference does it make?

marie shined a flashlight in jorge's eyes, and he went crazy. he started sceaming and yelling and he went to complain to brian and he threatened to sue her. then he clocked out and left. teena tried to stop him but he was being so ridiculous that she had to laugh, which just upset him more. the boy is a nut.

i stayed after my shift to help matt and the night crew for an hour. i don't know why he keeps asking me to stay, but i'm not complaining... more hours=more money (=less sleep, but who's counting?)

tomorrow, maybe i can get a second job... i'm keeping my fingers crossed...