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(no subject)
i woke up early this morning to go talk to the lady about getting a job. when i got there, she was counting money, and wasn't supposed to finish for an hour... i had class in an hour. so i went to my first class and skipped out of my second to go back. i ended up getting there at the same time as a guy named keith, and keith was getting hired. so i toured the store with keith. i went over policies with keith. i filled out forms with keith. then they discovered that i was 'the girl with the funny availability.' at that point, i think they felt bad not hiring me. i told them i could give them a 3-11 on tuesday and on friday. they said that would work, and just like that, i have a job. (well, not just like that. they still have to call jane and my other old bosses, to make sure i'm ok, but i think that should be fine...) tomorrow, i go to training class at 11 a.m.

then i went to work. i was observing jane, because i realized that i'm really not sure if she likes me. she always used to... she always used to be a lot like christine, how she smiled at me way too much, and she thought i was a good worker. i guess it wasn't that long ago that she told me she wanted to train me in the office... so she can't hate me, right? i don't know. it's just that the past few days, i feel like i've been annoying her by doing absolutely nothing. sort of like i feel like i do to terrie every day. 97% of the time, i think terrie hates me. it's always a shame when hot lesbians hate you...

teena asked if i would stay til 11 (instead of 10:30). i said i would. then she asked molly if she would stay til 11 (instead of 10). molly hesiated, and teena pointed out that i was staying. molly said she would stay. a half minute later, it was time for my break, and teena came over to run it. molly (who really wants to learn self-check) asked if she could run it instead. teena thought about it, and molly offered, 'we're practically the same person, anyway.'
teena laughed, 'well, you have a point there...'
so she got to run my break. i ended up sitting in the stack of baskets, eating my lunchable, so i could help her out with a few things, but i didn't mind. what i do mind is the thought that we're practically the same person. we're not. i know that most the people who work there think that we're interchangable (even matt has begun calling me 'the next molly,' and brian agrees with his assesment of me), but i would expect molly, of all people, to stress that we're separate people... it bothers me when people think we're the same. i don't know why... i mean, there's nothing wrong with molly. but we're different. she's straight (or bi, if you go with a few peoples' intuition). i'm gay. she drinks. i don't (i wish i did, but not with her). she's strong. i'm weak. she likes that stupid dido song and i hate it. and she hates maxwell and i love him. i could go on and on... maybe i'm just thinking too much. maybe she was just joking... would she think i was weird if i asked her about it, now?

at 11, matt asked us both to stay later. we agreed to stay one more hour, helping him. remind me never to volunteer for anything again if i don't want to spend the rest of my life doing it... it's not that bad. i was just really tired tonight. i still am, so i'm going to bed.