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(no subject)
i woke up early to go to my training class for my new job at udf. it wasn't at the store, so i had to get a ride there with peter, who is the assistant manager. on the way there, he talked about being in a parade, so i asked what parade, and he said a gay pride parade. mental note: my assistant manager is gay.

he dropped me off and i went inside. there were 2 other new hires from my store being trained today, along with about 10 or so new hires from other stores. unfortunately, they discovered that our store had cut corners. we were supposed to have worked 2 days in our stores before we went to training. the three of us hadn't so they kicked us out of the training class and sent us home. i took the bus with linda, a 40-something woman. the other kid, an 18-year old named seth, had no money for the bus fare. neither did i (i ride free with student id). so they ended up calling peter to come get him, but linda and i took the bus. it actually was two busses. i spent 15 minutes at the first bus stop, an hour on the bus, 15 minutes at the second bus stop, and a little over a half hour on the second bus. we finally made it right back to where we started, and susan, the manager, told me i had to find some times to work. today sounded good to me, so i did. seth and linda came in too, but a little later than me. linda (who has a boyfriend) asked peter, after he did a very obvious hand-flap, 'so, do you spend a lot of time on wall street?'
he just laughed and said yeah, and then the two of them started discussing all the other good places to go if you're gay. she said at her old job, she worked with a ton of gay people and she always went out with them. seth and i just listened. it seems strange to me that everybody i meet is so good about this... like when we discuss it in class, everybody agrees that it's ok, or if they don't, they keep quiet because they're the minority. and at my grocery store and now here, they joke about it, but to his face and he jokes back. he's gay. they don't care. the end. is it like this everywhere, or is it only because i'm in a big city?
we're not allowed to run register until we take the training class... so today, i scooped a lot of ice cream. you might think this is easy. maybe for you, it is. but every time i went to put a scoop on a cone, it ended up stuck in the scooper, on the floor, or on my shoes. peter finally got tired of ice cream everywhere, so he sent me back to stock the dairy cooler, which would have been ok if it wasn't so cold... i went back there in my short-sleeved shirt and came out an hour later and i swear i was blue. the only good thing about the entire day was that i will get paid for it.

then i came back here and in molly's aim profile, she has added a link saying 'predict your love & sex life.' molly and i take dumb quizzes on the internet all the time, so i figured this was one of them... it linked to part of a website called crush007.com... i had never heard of it, but i figured it must be funny, for her to put it in my profile. i put a fake email address so i wouldn't get spam, but i filled out the rest of it honestly. i put my name, and it asked a bunch of questions, including 'are you attracted to members of the same sex?' (i picked yes) and something about your first or worst or biggest crush and i put christine. i didn't even think about it much because i figured it was just some quiz; i could change my answers a million times if i wanted different results... then i submitted it and it was a fucking trick. all that information got e-mailed to molly... i went fucking insane (just ask sfb... the poor soul was online as i did this...) i panicked... she wasn't here, when i filled it out, but she would be home in a few hours, and when she arrived, she would have an email in her inbox outing me. that was bad enough, but it wasn't even the worst part. i'm practically ready to be outed... but i couldn't have her know about christine... because i don't want that part to be true. i love christine, but i don't want to want her and i don't plan on admitting that i ever did to anybody. i went crazy. i tried breaking into her hotmail account to delete the message, but her password wasn't any of the ones she usually uses... the thought of running away entered my mind... then i remembered msn messanger. she was signed on but away. i went into her room, got onto her computer (i know her screensaver password) and msn messanger said 'you have 1 new message.' i clicked the link and it took me straight to her inbox, no password required. i deleted the message, emptied the trash can, and just like that, it was gone. it took quite a while longer for me to calm down from that scare...

then came the real world party. it was a rather tense party, though, because it seemed as though half the episode revolved around aneesa not doing dishes, and lauren and alana are a little upset with molly and me because there is a rather large pile of dishes in the sink that we haven't gotten around to doing yet. they didn't mention it, but they exchanged glances with each other and snuck glances at me, and i knew...

i was just thinking... it's a good thing i downloaded msn messanger, or i would have never thought to get to her inbox that way. so here's a BIG THANK YOU to sfb for reminding me to do that a month or so ago...

now it's bedtime. i have an early class, homework due tomorrow (which i hope to do between classes), two more classes, and then work. it's going to be a long day...