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(no subject)
oh and i think i'm going to cut my friends list. if i think that you don't realize i exist, or if i'm not sure if you still exist, you'll probably go. otherwise, you'll probably stay. if you're worried that you might fall in either of those categories and you want to stay, feel free to comment here. or if you're really annoyed by the fact that this is like my 80th post in the last 24 hours, you can comment and ask me to remove you. no hard feelings.

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I'm still here although i've been bad about commenting lately!

i read you all the time, even if i don't comment often...

I'd like to stick around too - I know I never comment (I never have anything good to say), but I do read!

jeez, i cant believe i missed this post. ive been so wrapped up with whats been going on with me that i havent had time to read lj! i know you wouldnt have cut me though

found your message in "add me"

my entries can sometimes get long, but i almost always read every entry on my friends page, and i comment when i have something to say. i expect the same in an lj friend.
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touché amigo, touché!
IMHO: most of people w. average social skills can find something to comment in some other persons journal. I mean even if the subj. of the journal does not tell me anything in particular (say its about some technical things that I don't have a clue about),
than one can always focus on the obvious.
for example design of the journal, or may be ask the things about that subject where one does not understand much. like for example that "thningy F16", whats that exactly?

I mean most of people find it intresting when someone from the outside comes and comments their slim focused journal. so?
all in all: I'm 100% w. you on this one!
what goes around comes around :)
comment & be commented!

you are added :)

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