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i think i actually slept over 6 hours last night, but i woke up and my stomach hurt and my head hurt and i felt exhausted... so i got up and went to work. today was a udf day... the manager gets upset when you don't work, but it's a little store and we had extra workers, since i was there... there was nothing to do. i made coffee, stocked the frozen cooler a little, mopped the floor, made some ice cream cones, and faced all the shelves. the rest of the time, i wandered around and pretended to face some more, even though i had already done them all. there's a nice guy named jamie who works there, and he has sweet cornrows. he laughed at me when i turned the dials on the sink the wrong way and splashed water everywhere. i laughed at me too.

then i went to my grocery store and got my paycheck and my schedule. thursday, i work at 8 in the morning... amit was there, and he talked to me a lot, and alyssa was there too. amit was talking about me working at udf, and he was telling alyssa. terrie was standing between amit and alyssa, and she completely ignored me and them. a few minutes later, when i went over to see molly, she talked to amit and alyssa. she doesn't have a problem with them, just me... great.

molly gave me a ride home and we went and played soccer. i was still exhausted. we had a bunch of girls show up-more than enough for two full teams. i didn't even get in the game at all for the first half, and i didn't really mind. the other team had a girl who had to leave at half time, and then they were short a girl. they asked if they could borrow one of ours, and nobody volunteered... i felt bad, so i said i'd go. i played the entire second half and i was dead to begin with... i played offense and we were losing pretty bad, so i never really did much. it was somewhat fun but at that point, i just wanted to be asleep.

i came back here and spent a few hours on homework. alana convinced me that i have to watch the season finale of the bachelor (i'm not sure how to spell that) at 9. it's over at 10, and barring any natural disasters, i'm going to bed the second it ends.


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