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(no subject)
ummm i'll write about my day in a minute. right now, i'm going to share with you a conversation i am having online with molly (she's at aaron's for the night) because i'm getting scared...
she was talking about how she didn't like shakara because she acted funny towards her...

Me: shakara is ok to me
Me: most people like her well enough
Me: but anthony loves her
Me: (because she has a body)
her (on aaron’s name): what????
Me: what what?
her (on aaron’s name): bercause she has a body
Me: thats what he said
her (on aaron’s name): is shakara hot ( from aaron)
her (on aaron’s name): he's sick of me
Me: only he said shakara has a body
Me: hmm that didnt italisize...
Me: i dont think shes hot
Me: shes not stereotypical hot
Me: but anthony says she is
her (on aaron’s name): what's a body?
Me: i suppose its short for a nice body
Me: just leave out nice, stress body, and it means the same thing
her (on aaron’s name): what's a nice body to you?
Me: ???
her (on aaron’s name): what do you think a nice body would be?
her (on aaron’s name): do you think jorge has a nice body?
Me: cool hair=nice body
Me: jorge??!?!?!?!?!
Me: dont scare me
her (on aaron’s name): hehe
her (on aaron’s name): does monique have a nice body?
Me: monique?!?!?!?!?!
her (on aaron’s name): no wait not here
Me: youre getting scarier by the minute....
Me: not where?
Me: what?
her (on aaron’s name): i meant not monique
her (on aaron’s name): her
Me: oh her
her (on aaron’s name): the one with cornrows for awhile
her (on aaron’s name): i saw a white girl with cornrows outside kroger
Me: i saw a white girl with cornrows at the cvs i almost worked at
Me: and taysha is cool?
her (on aaron’s name): yueah yeahb yeah
her (on aaron’s name): is she hot?
Me: are you drunk?
Me: she has nice hair...
her (on aaron’s name): you said cool hair=nice body
Me: aurgh
Me: i didnt mean it
Me: i lied
her (on aaron’s name): you liek
Me: lied?
Me: like?
Me: drunk?
her (on aaron’s name): i feel like a leach
Me: 151 what?
Me: leach?
Me: what is a leach?
her (on aaron’s name): and kroger brand big k
her (on aaron’s name): like that wormy thing
Me: kroger brand pop has wormy things in it?
her (on aaron’s name): fa leach
her (on aaron’s name): that's a wormy thing
Me: what does kroger brand big k have to do with anything?
her (on aaron’s name): kroger brand big k and 151, you asked me that
her (on aaron’s name): you said 151 and what?
Me: oh
her (on aaron’s name): and i say ig k because that's what with it
Me: that's not what i meant...
Me: but ok, thanks for sharing
Me: i'll remember that
her (on aaron’s name): what did you mean?
Me: i just meant to ask 151
Me: but the what made it more like a question
her (on aaron’s name): how is 151 a question
Me: i don't know!
Me: it went along with liek and lied
her (on aaron’s name): why did you ask me that?
Me: because i didn't know what that word said
Me: if it was like or lied
her (on aaron’s name): so why did you ask me 151
Me: and while i was asking to clarify, i thought i would ask if 151 was the reason you can't type straight

i'm still talking to her, but we're now on the subject of leaches. don't you spell that leech? never trust a drunk person to teach you a new word... would anybody care to analyze that conversation, and tell me what she's thinking (keeping in mind that she's pretty drunk). uh-oh... and we're back on the subject of nice bodies... fuck this, i have to be awake in 5 hours to work in the morning and i'm trying to protect my closet from my drunk roommate...

ok, entirely new completely strange topic... not strange, just serious. serious for me and molly, and serious for a drunk person... she mentions giving blood.
Me: i hate bleeding on purpose
her (on aaron’s name): didn't you try to against the scratchy wall
her (on aaron’s name): i did that
Me: yea
Me: but that was different
Me: that was a long time ago
Me: backwards, then
her (on aaron’s name): what was backwards?
Me: i was
Me: stupid, more
Me: not stupid
Me: uneducated
her (on aaron’s name): what did you need to be educated in
Me: hitting walls wont fix it if you dont know whats wrong
her (on aaron’s name): why does it make you feel better?
Me: temporary relief
Me: and then just pain
her (on aaron’s name): pain makes you feel better?
Me: because if it hurts so bad you forget to think about anything but your hand
Me: and thinking about things other than your hand was what made you upset
Me: so youre not upset because youre in pain
her (on aaron’s name): and then it hurts later on when you try to do dishes
Me: yea
her (on aaron’s name): and then you regret the pain
Me: yea
Me: and you didnt make the things other than your hand go away
Me: you just added physical pain to them
her (on aaron’s name): sometimes you might get used to the pain and then it would seem normal
Me: but why would you want to do that?
her (on aaron’s name): so the physical pain will always be normal so everything in your head be less than normal
Me: no becuase when you get used to the physical pain, it wont be a distraction any more, and the stuff in your head will be just as bad as it was before
her (on aaron’s name): what do you do next
Me: cut off a limb?
Me: i don't know
Me: stop trying to fix stuff by inflicting pain on yourself, probably
her (on aaron’s name): go back to what the real problem was
Me: yea
Me: so becoming immune to the pain was really rather pointless
her (on aaron’s name): sometimes problems are hard to fix
her (on aaron’s name): but mayube now, just people think theay are hard to fix
Me: yea
Me: theyre not always
Me: you just dont see them straight
her (on aaron’s name): yeah

half-truths, as always... but we don't talk serious... and why did she ask me if taysha was hot? is it possible that not only does she know i'm a lesbian, but she also knows i think taysha's hot?? what does she think i think about marie? or terrie? or christine???