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(no subject)
ok, so what happened today...

i talked to my dad. he's worried about me getting a minor in women's studies. he thinks i'm going to become and extreme feminist and burn all my bras, according to my mom. he told me that he thinks it will be harder for me to get a job if they see i have a minor in womens studies because they'll think i'm going to be a troublemaker. he suggested that i look into getting a minor in math, because i'm probably close to having enough credits of that too. math is boring. my mom told him he's being ridiculous, and if i'm enjoying the classes, then i should take them, because it's about time i find a class that i don't hate.

i went to work. something happened to kelly and i don't know what. i'm going to attempt to tell this story like i have a clue, anyway... taysha was running self-check, and marie and kelly were over there talking to her. i wanted to be there too, but i don't interupt, so i waited a while, until marie and kelly had left. marie went out to get carts (she was mostly just flirting with the policeman who was out there, the same one she always flirts with) and kelly went on break. then i wandered over there because i was bored. she was glad to have the company. we were both standing there, and kelly comes up from break, crying, and puts her head on taysha's shoulder. taysha looks alarmed and says 'i'm sorry... i didn't mean for it to be true...'
kelly says she has to go outside. taysha looks worried, and tells me, 'i feel bad...'
i ask her what's wrong. she says she probably shouldn't tell me, and then repeats, 'i feel bad...'
i ask, 'did you do something to make her cry???'
she explains (sort of), 'no, it's just that she had to make a phone call, and her and marie said he would say one thing, and i said he'd say something else, and i was just joking, but he said what i said he would... i didn't mean for it to be true...'
then she says she wants to go outside, and she calls marie, to come run self-check. i tell her marie's out getting carts, and i volunteer to run it. she says thanks, and goes out after kelly.
i run both self-check and my regular register, for about 5 minutes. it's crazy and i love every second of it. i never get bored and i'm never still. when they come back in, marie is with them. kelly comes over to run my break, but i hear her ask taysha something about where planned pregnancy is. i'm not going to speculate because i jump to conclusions more than enough as it is.
what i am going to comment on, though, is taysha. it makes me feel better about myself to see how she reacted to kelly. she made a rude comment to kelly, just joking, like she always does to me. but when it actually happened, she felt bad... she doesn't really want bad things to happen to kelly. so (hopefully), she's the same way to me, and she doesn't really hate me like she says she does, just like i don't really hate her like i say i do.
later on, kelly seems to be feeling better. she tries to insult marie, but ends up insulting herself, so i fix it up for her. we laugh and have fun.

marie... for being such a minger, she sure is hot... she was coordinator for a bit, and she had the break list on a register. i came over to look at it, and she took it away. she hid it under the register she was on, and started ringing up a customer. so i bent down there and tried to get at it, and ended up crawling between her legs while she tried to force me out. i like her legs. i like her body. every single time she touches me, i feel it all over... she has to squeeze past me, and i don't move and she doesn't even try to avoid me, just faces me and steps by, her breasts and hips and even hair pressing against my body... or we stand in the doorway, and she hangs her arms over it, like mine, and lets her arm brush against mine, and leans her shoulder into me a little, like she's just swaying and it's an accident... and then she turns around and flirts with the policeman, like i don't exist again. have i mentioned that she drives me crazy??

i think that's all. actually, i think i'm forgetting lots because i feel like today was a significant day, but sleep has got to be more important, at this point...