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(no subject)
i have two midterms next week and a ton of homework and i don't think i've cracked a book outside of class since i studied for the midterm at work a few weeks ago. i don't care. today sucked because i couldn't stop thinking. my head is like a talk-show radio, always analyzing something or telling some story and i just want to turn the radio off, but all i can do is change the station and analyze something else and i'm sick of always thinking. physically sick, nearly. like my tummy feels queasy from all the thoughts and i still can't turn my head off. don't you ever want silence? i want to go play soccer so i can run around and put my head in the game, instead of the stupid thoughts. i did that yesterday. soccer, i mean. didn't write it in here because i only made it through about 5 hours of my day before i got tired of typing and went to bed. and today, it was classes and then i went to the bank in my store and amit gave me back my video game. i was amazed. then lauren and i went out to eat and being in a restaurant and seeing all the waitresses made me think of christine, and wonder if she's laughing with her co-workers like they're all laughing with theirs. and i'm sick of thinking. we went to the mall and i got gran turismo 3 and this other weird game that was pretty cheap and some new cds, but not my shoes because they weren't in my size. we watched whose line is it anyway. and i'm going to bed.